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THE JOURNEY GUY'S 1ST GOLF LESSONS, Mark Crossfield golf professional helps student number 4 with their golf game. Watch as Mark gives Guy his 1st golf lesson along the Journey for the next 6 months. Guy has lots of power and can hit the golf ball a long way but he struggles to control his ball flight and direction. The Journey is a real golf experiment into coaching and student so you can get the most from your golf game.

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Paul and Sue Roberts says:

Really enjoying these lessons it's rather like what you used to do years ago and I've missed that.In my humble opinion I think you've got a brilliant eye.

Magix15 says:

This series of journey vids is fantastic. I’ve picked up one thing to work on from each player! Keep them coming.

dally661 says:

God i can't watch this 'guy'. Up his own ass or what. I'm just waiting for him to tell Mark how to play the game

Cutman 1 says:

A little late catching up to this, though it seems to me that Guy is in desperate need of a proper fitting. Those clubs look like a child set in his stance with him hunched over so far?

dalessandrelli says:

Are Guys clubs standard or added length and what would that do to his swing ?

Guy Legg says:

Nothing else to say apart from he is one big unit Bruh #biggolf

Aidan Barr says:

Thoroughly enjoyed watching these

Dave Reid says:

Some stylish slowmo walking too.

Dave Reid says:

If this fella hits up on that driver he will hit the ball a long way.

Dave Reid says:

Great series. And at the start of the video. Chris if he can control his path and face.

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