In this golf lesson, I teach Ryan how to hit a golf ball with high launch, low spin for greater distance. Driving the golf ball is crucial for scoring.

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  1. Here's a question to ponder Christo… drivers are now adjustable…. I can set it at 8.5 degrees or 10.5 So here's my question…. you have two scenarios…. ball is teed up high and club set to 8.5 degrees…. or…. ball is teed lower and club is set at 10.5 degrees…. is there any difference between the two???

  2. I love that he hasn't fallen pray to getting wristy at the the top. That clubface is pointing right up at the sky and coming back in square at impact.

  3. Great swing Christo, followed you from the beginning and your swing looks so sweet and I can tell you just love to hit the ball when ever you can love it

  4. Another great video sir. I'm gonna find a way to get to one of your clinics. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and skill. Love your teaching style.

  5. Just watched a video of Tommy Fleetwood who has been one of the best players on both tours recently (PGA and Europe). So I put my mouse on his nose to test head movement from start of swing to downswing. As he swung down, his head moved significantly to the left (his right – front on view of right handed player). This is like the lateral side bend. Thoughts?

  6. Latest study shows men pros hit driver with slight downward blow (-1.5 degrees) and women pros hit with upward swing (+9 degrees). How do you account for this?

  7. Watson embarrassed the game by almost winning the 2009 Open at age 60 (1.5 months shy of turning 60 years old) and now he might win the Senior Open at age 69 against all those 50-55 year old pros.

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