The Kingdom at TaylorMade HQ vlog. Piers and Andy visit The Kingdom at TaylorMade HQ in Carlsbad on their Take Charge Tour of the US.
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  1. guys, are trips like this to the kingdom or the titelist institute possible
    for anyone for a fee? or are these special privileges because of andy and
    piers’ connections??

  2. Just going to say guys, what an awesome set of videos these are! Gives
    insights into your life as professionals and some interesting golf places
    in the States.

    Would love to find out what the experts said about what you do well in your
    swings and what you do bad?!

    P.s..Pier’s comment about Hooters in the car made me chuckle!! haha looking
    forward to day 3!

  3. You guys are big shots, why didn’t you spring for the national brand like
    JIF or something, instead of the store bought generic Kroger version of
    peanut butter?

  4. Really enjoying your videos and instruction guys! I like that we get to
    see a little bit of your eating habits in these behind the scene videos.
    Obviously, you are both very fit. Do you guys have any plans to make a
    video about your nutrition or fitness?

  5. Just think, if you had your hat the right way round you wouldn’t resemble a
    lobster right now!
    Btw I didn’t know dave Franco played golf?!
    Skol vikes!

  6. @7:56 Taylormade Burner TP 9.5 I currently own one and have had it for many
    years, took it out for a hit recently infact, definitely one of
    Taylormade’s Gems.

  7. Brilliant hook up with Gabe. Always watch his content and hope he does
    well. How about a YouTube pros Ryder cup? Crossfield, Shiels, Finch. etc.
    I’ll be your captains pick.

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