The Longest Golf Putt 120m (395ft) Guinness World Records | How Ridiculous

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Draining a putt from 120m is a great time!
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Putting requires incredible precision and control, so to get the mental focus needed for this record feat we teamed up with Shine+ smart drink. Shine+ contains a number of natural ingredients clinically proven to benefit the mind for better mental function and focus. You can read more at

Verified as Officially Amazing by Guinness World Records:

As we said in the outro, a big thanks to the crew at Point Walter Golf Course and Belgravia Leisure for letting us use the course! Head down there for a round some time and when you get to the 5th, why not whip out the putter?

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Connor Ahpene says:

I reckon it took 12.84 seconds

Guilherme Bittar says:

Thought Dude Perfect were texans

jpatrick1967 says:

Just because you use a putter doesn’t make it a putt. The guy took a full golf swing. That wasn’t a putt.

mitch24d says:

These guys look like horses, must have had parents tht fucked a horse,,,,dude perfect wanna bs and ten times the teeth ., and what an annoying accent, naaaaaaaàayyyyyyhhhjjj

Y2Jin99 says:

Yesssssss we made it on our 3000th attempt !

Ethan Farrow says:

it took 34 times

It's Black says:

Running on the green?

A Dempsey says:

What was scott gonna say?! This is bullshit!!

undraftedplayer says:

Swing for the showand put for the money…(smile). Congratulations for this AWESOME put ! All the Best.

CTCS says:

It's not the worlds longest putt morons. You're using your putter as your 3 iron.

Brendan says:

You guys are going to rewrite record book and call it "How Ridiculous World Records"

Tom Folino says:

Putting with the flag stick in was illegal until this year. So technically you didn't make the putt, you were penalized for it.

Josh Marlett says:

I'm sure mine is longer

Joey Danforth says:

Casually sipping on fireball in the golf cart scene says:

do australians not know what "putt" means?

Matt Newmark says:

I've been enjoying your videos all night (#SheepPoop!) – saw this on your 1M subscriber celebration comp. 150m is only 131Yd, I've holed out with a Ping Anser 2 from somewhere > 150 Yards, never figured on it being longer than the "world record" – While my use of the putter in years past is an oddity and folk tale amongst the people I've played with, I can't be the only one. (That said, I once asked Golfshots GPS to allow selecting the putter as a tee club, they refused).
You guys are fantastic, I guess I lost track of you over the years because I remember having seen a lot of those older compilation videos. Keep it goin mates… Looking forward to the 10 and 100M subscriber compilations.

I Hit Dingerz says:

if derek did that, go home for a decade or so, than come back, and he will make it for the first time.

JDizaster says:

Trick shot putt-off: How Ridiculous vs. Dude Perfect.

Perogi Master says:

I hate music

Stuart Livermore says:

This video kind of functions more as a showcase of the music, with a short interlude that involves a bit of putting.

Shiro {NGNL, 11, Loli} says:

This doesn't count, since it's from the fairway. You may have used a putter, but it has to be from the green for it to count. Michael Phelps still holds the record.

Judah Soremy says:

Longest putt in regulation…

Sonicgott says:

More satisfying than an Albatross.

(Albatross = Double Eagle in the USA)

Sloe Bone says:

Nice chip in! Using a putter on the fairway doesn’t make it a putt just like using a driver on the green doesn’t make it a drive.

Still a heck of a shot.

StealthyDead says:

LOL old YouTube and video lengths. Back in the day when you didn't have to be over 10 minutes to get revenue. Good times, good times

Jansen Barralet says:

Can you do a video with Dude Perfect?

Xe M says:

Looks like a record anyone can break, given 10000 attempts.

wm bomb says:

Is there a long version of this one, like the entire basketball shot near the waterfall in Africa, hearing all of y'alls oohs and ahhs is half the fun? Also, do you have any videos of your wives and children in them, with all the fun you three characters have together, have your families ever been with you to join in with fun?

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