First to hole putt WINS £1,000 ($1,275)

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First to hole putt WINS £1,000 ($1,275)

Filmed on location at: Marriott Worsley Park, Manchester UK

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Rick Shiels Golf says:

Hit ?if you want to see more videos like this!

Douglas Robertson says:

Bit slow getting to this one ,the title put me off but a really enjoyable video, good fun and you’re a top bloke for coming up with it.

Damian Buck says:

Hey Rick, huge fan here and I have been watching all of your videos over the last few years and you give the greatest reviews of clubs! I was wondering if there will be any upcoming videos with the Odyssey Stroke Lab! I just upgraded from my normal Odyssey O-works Marxman to a Stroke Lab Marxman and I am in loveeeeee. I find it phenomenal in my shorter pots but I really feel like I'm having to smack the ball on longer putts. Would love to see you do a video on these!

Thanks again!

Diggz11 says:

Chemtrails going strong in that area

John B. Richardson says:

Yay Hannah!

Keith Morreale says:

Such a cool video Rick! Thanks for the content.

xoNickk says:

Mark got shaved by Hannah when she made it

LINO says:

What. A. Video ???

Ben Haushalter says:

8:50 you got me with the music getting louder

X1SoccerGamer says:

Hannah is something ?

lll•A_German_Ewok•lll says:

Can I get a heart too?

Edit: thanks!

Ian Altemus says:

Anyone else notice the r35 in the backround?

Clarence Bennett says:

I think something is wrong with your golf ball around 9:07

Adam Sevener says:

I was golfing with my friend and he hit a shot that left him an 80 footer. He was so frustrated that he didn’t even read the green he just walked up and holed the damn putt

Leo Torssell says:

Matt Will win

Fiona Raiser says:

At 9:30 your all saying it’s in when it’s literally a foot wide

CatLoverPlayz 101 says:

I knew it was Hannah from the start

Paul Jenne says:

Great Video. Especially liked the ending where you posted the video of the actual donation>

Mj Domanowski says:

Absolutely lost it in public for Hanna
Lads were gutted but that was wicked

Carter Frato-Sweeney says:

Why do they look like people that went on Love Island

andrés Arizti says:

I think Mason is going to win

Keyos says:

Team Hanna all the way

Andy Cap Goes Outdoors says:

One word – Awesome.. xx

Liam Clarke says:

Hi rick quick question as i cant seem to find an answer anywhere. About 20 years ago i was playing at caldy and on the par 3 10th i hit my tee shot and unbeknownst to me the pairing in front had left the flag lying on the green next to the hole, well long story short my ball hit the flag and went in. Now would that be classed as a hole in one or was it a 2 stroke penalty? Struggled for years to get a straight definitive answer, i ended up putting myself down for a par 3.
Crazy thing is on the par 3 17th of the same round i had an unquestionable hole in one! Craziest day off my life.
So long story short did i have 2 hole in one on one day or just one?
Be great if you could help answer it for me ??

Johnny Gueriguian says:

You should try Miura clubs.

GEM says:

Would of liked to see you hit the putt before they turned up & how many times it took you before you drained it??
Maybe next challenge you could try it first. Just interested is all.

thomas floyd says:

Where do you get the air max golf shoes

R3DST1CK says:

i have a question it is somewhat complicated any insight would be much appreciated. I am 32 years old I started playing golf at about 13. Around the age of 20-21 I was a scratch golfer and a decently long hitter for the time 2008-2009 i hit the driver around 290-300 yards 7 iron about 175-180. Shortly after that i never really quit golf but maybe played a few times a year no more than 5. I just lost interest i guess. then around the age of 29 i stopped playing all together. I recently starting playing again and this is where my question begins. in the last few years while not playing i put on a significant amount of weight probably 50 pounds. I hit the ball not 20-25 yards shorter with every club but feel like im making solid contact and im hitting it fairly straight. just much shorter. I have been playing a lot and hitting a loot of balls for about the last 2 months but havent seen any increase in my distance. I since have started eating healthy to try to shed the extra weight,but im getting frustrated that the distance isnt coming back. do you guys think that its i have to redevelop the golf muscles and/or is the extra weight hurting my distance? how long should it take for the distance to start coming back. I know distance isnt everything but it defiantly helps to hit it a little further.

Grant Maney says:

rick shiels = keiren lee

Sean Quinn says:

Matt takes the W

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