HAS ANYTHING REALLY CHANGED with Golf Drivers, 7 months on STEALTH v SIM2

Mark Crossfield is golf driver comparing in todays video to see how the Taylormade Stealth golf driver lives up to their last model, the SiM2. Will there be a winner? Let me know your thoughts in the comments. The Stealth red face driver has been 20 years in the making, will we see 20 years worth of performance in this new Taylormade golf driver. If you like the videos make sure to hit the like and subscribe button.

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22 thoughts on “HAS ANYTHING REALLY CHANGED with Golf Drivers, 7 months on STEALTH v SIM2

  1. I have the sim2 max d and hit my longest drive ever last week which contributed to my best round ever ?so, I love it. Never like this brand for drivers in the past but now, I’m convinced.

  2. As a graphic artist, (trained in marketing and design) what prevents me from buying a SIM, apart from the color ( Blue relaxes and Red excites), is the NAME. The sub-concious mind reads BACKWARDS as well as FORWARDS. I do not want to reach for a driver that screams MIS at me. I need help to picture HIT fairways, not MISS them! (I bought an M5 for now, wish me luck).

  3. Great review! I love your honesty. For whatever reason I hit better with Sim-2. Had the Sim-2, bought the Stealth and returned it to PGA Superstore just under the 90 day return period for another Sim-2 (and a gift card for refund). It could be the look at address or the slightly different feel of face. Regardless, I hit the Sim-2 better and gave the Stealth a long trial period.

  4. Tested the low spin players Sim2 vs the standard Stealth. They’re essentially two different categories.

    It should be Stealth Plus vs Sim2 or Stealth vs Sim2 Max.

  5. zero additional ball speed for me (stealth vs Sim 2). Sim 2 is a great driver but do like that TM brought the sliding weight back. It made the original Sim an outstanding driver head IMO. Went with the Rouge ST LS as the performance was the best for me this season……

  6. At one point I had the SIM2, Stealth+, M3, M1 430 all at once, and the SIM2 was the most consistent for me on the course, but it wasn't my driver so had to give it back. But my HC went from 14 to 17 after using the Stealth+. It immediately got sold and replaced with a Ping G410 LST, and now my HC is 12. Will never use a TM driver ever again. I'm not in a hurry to make my game suffer. Seasons in the UK are short enough with the weather, so prioritising looks over performance in a bag is foolish.

  7. Mark come on…you’re better than this …you’re comparing a sim2 to a stealth – the better comparison would be sim2 to stealth + ….more similar models and you’re using two shafts which are extremely different in their launch ….the stealth shaft you’re using is high launch and the sim is mid/low…love your channel and have for years but not a good like for like comparison

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