The Most Powerful Weight Shift and Hip Turn in Golf!

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To put more power into your golf swing, try the Mike Austin compound pivot action of the lower body.

This secret combination of movements at the hips, knees, and ankles sets you up to generate more ground forces while maximizing centrifugal force.

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Donald McDonald says:

Isn’t that the Heisman trophy position on the backswing. This is pretty much how I swung as a kid except I addressed the ball in the follow through position.

Popularity Matters says:

Strange won 2 back to back US Opens w that Jimmy Ballard swing. Austin is good, but Ballard created some good ball strikers.

Tommy Hines says:

Curtis Strange did it wrong? Back to back U.S. Open winner and HOF. I need to be wrong.

B Richardson says:

This video helped me alot, thx! I didn't realize I wasn't rotating enough. Your slice drills really worked too. Do you have any videos on shaping shots with the MA technique?

steve perry says:

from the mike austin in skeleton suit video he seemed to advocate the foot work causing the correct body action. pushing off the left foot going back and push off the right to start down. does that sound right?

Jeffrey Tabourne says:

Absolutely fantastic explanation of how to shift weight. I was a 3 handicap and have been down the wrong path for many years. In about 10 min of rehearsal, I have regained all club-head speed and understanding. Getting over to my left side became so difficult but now it’s so easy to turn and fire. Can’t thank you enough!

Trailjunkie says:

Great stuff as usual…I could of swore I heard a hell noooo off in the distance at 7:50 lol

Vinson Shinabery says:

To me it has always been a serious problem agreeing with the deliberate action of moving the club from the top. The stimulus-response of club catching up. When studying the swing, you encounter the fact that the club HAS TO CATCH UP TO THE LEFT ARM, AS LONG AS THE SEQUENCE IS CORRECT AND ALLOWED TO WORK. NOT UNTILL THIS MOMENT HAVE I REALIZED THE RESOLUTION TO THIS IS THAT IN THE AUSTIN SWING WE "DON'T PULL, DONT DROP, THROW!!! This video forced me to reason this out because I couldn't accept the contradiction to the compound pivot which you elucidated so well. It is just too true. P.S. I have had one famous you tube instructor advise me not to over think. No such thing if your reasoning is sound and the subject is clear. This is an example of that as true.

Vinson Shinabery says:

Best presentation I have seen in my golf life. I have studied the book, How to kill the ball, studied Mike Dunaway video which won an award in 2005, bought Dan Shaugher DVDs, etc. Also any you tube I could catch.

I think it may be that those teachers didn't ponder things to put it together like this video. I want to say that I know this is the real complete way. And, unlike others, you have the awareness to say how the ANKLES PERFORM AN EVERSION SIMULTANEOUSLY WITH AN EXTENSION OF THE SAME ANKLE IN THE BACKSWING AND DOWNSWING! Super job!
Thanks and continued success on all your videos!

Golden Gate says:

Good job guys … and thinks for addressing the sway … I mentioned it before … I really like the two man format of "show and tell" … demonstration of the correct positions … very clear and concise … thanks for taking the time to put it together ….

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