THE NEW KING OF WEDGES? TAYLORMADE MG2 REVIEW When buying wedges we all want them to look great and stay looking great for as long as possible… but these new taylormade milled grind 2 wedges are different… they feature raw face technology which is designed to rust over time. will this get you more backspin? more control? and ultimately lead to lower scores? ive always been a huge fan of titleist vokey wedges and have always played them, currently I have the pokey sm7 in the bag… will these mg2 wedges change me out of the vokey wedges? lets find out… and lets do it now!


  1. Another great video James! Thanks! Could you possibly do a review of the "stock" gap wedges? I see that most makes have a gap wedge that you can buy with the iron sets… would be interesting to see how they compare against the 50°/52° specialist wedges! ??

  2. is the standard bounce more of a full grind for square shots and the low bounce has heel/toe relief to open the face on tight lights / hard packed sand? how does the standard (higher bounce) wedge perform if you are in soft sand and want to open the face but theres no heel relief?

  3. Oxygenate?…you mean oxidise. If you want to rust these quickly use hydrogen peroxide…….2Fe (iron) + 3H2O2 (peroxide) —> Fe2O3 (rust) + 3H2O (water)

  4. I just bought the TM MG2 56 dgreee standard bounce chrome wedge. Hit some practice shots with it and enjoyed it. Love the look and feel of it . Will play 18 holes later today and see how they are in the fairway and around the green. Good review James. Cheers mate.

  5. It`s a bit like – a watched kettle never boils- a watched wedge never rusts lol .Some of these names are getting a bit long though- hard to remember.

  6. So TaylorMade introduces new wedges the get rusty?? How can they legal?? I have Cleveland wedges with “Zip Grooves’ and I’m not sure they would legal for use in any tournaments. Many of us the have been around golf for 50+ years have been trying to keep rust off our club faces and steel shafts. Just saying!!

  7. Personally I think that rusty golf clubs are ridiculous. I don’t believe they’ll give more spin over time/more rust.
    I like my clubs nice and clean everytime I hit them.

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