THE NEW PING G425 DRIVER… THE BEST PING DRIVER EVER!? Brand new for 2021, we see the PING G425 Drivers… including a PING G425 MAX, PING G425 LST, PING G425 SFT And also a range of PING G425 FAIRWAY WOODS, PING G425 HYBRIDS AND EVEN PING G425 IRONS… In this video we concentrate on the PING G425 MAX driver to see just how it stacks up against the other offerings for 2021… we have all seen the leaks of the TAYLORMADE SIM 2 Drivers, the Callaway Epic Drivers, The Cobra RAD driver has already dropped as has the Titleist TSi2 and Titleist TSi3… so could this be the best driver of 2021? the most forgiving driver of 2021? the most forgiving driver for high to mid handicap golfers? lets find out… and let's do it now!


  1. Just bought the G425 irons and the G425 max driver. Instantly changed my game and what a looker! I'm a high handicap and I see these as a set to grow into over the next decade.

  2. Jim Powell speaking.
    I have never owned any ping products until now. I am in my 70’s and was fitted and my bag now has ping products. The 425 max driver was the best for me in all the important categories. Better dispersion, distance and consistency.

  3. Went for a fitting expecting to walk out with the TSI2. After trying several shafts and being ready to swipe the card I thought Id give the Ping head a quick go.
    Club felt “clunky” which I think was honestly due to the sound – which you articulated beautifully.
    But the numbers spoke for themselves.
    Longer and straighter.
    425 Driver, 3 wood and hybrid are on the way….

  4. I bought the TSI3 after being fitted but 3 months later traded in for the Ping 425 max.. The sound and feel is just back home for me. My confidence has soared.

  5. Explain to us what adjusting loft does to the shot shape. Watched a video that said if you move to the plus side you get more of a draw which seemed to be counterintuitive. Please answer as I subscribed to your channel after watching you beat Liam to death!

  6. I have no clue how to play but I enjoy going to the driving range even though I’m no good and my technique is awful but this driver looks beautiful ? would love to have one

  7. Ping, Ping, Ping… Going from my Ping G400 to the G425 Max. Plaing Ping irons and have been playing Ping since my first set of Ping Zing irons. The 425 is the best Ping driver yet!

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