The Perfect Golf Course?? Night Golf and Bucket Holes Vlog

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In this video me and tour club fitter Mark Thistleton head out onto the Al Mouj Night Course to do battle under the flood lights with bucket holes at Night Golf!

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Me And My Golf Development says:

Peter Finch golf you have inspired me to make a youtube channel. Now I have a YouTube channel with 113 subscribers and still growing thank you very much.

psteig3 says:

I thought this was pretty stupid :/ first off why would you not go for the white hole once you knew you couldnt make birdie on the red hole (i.e. the second or third hole, could have 2 putted to the white and made bogey) and secondly, why play 4 holes? not your best….yikes

DonWhon875 says:

You let him win didn’t you? ?

Stuart Gates says:

Still Searching for that hole in 1 Pete…. keep going

potato salad says:

When Carly in on more course vlogs than Rick Shiels!

James Connor says:

Night golf would solve all of my problems.

Kevin Dodd says:

Love the night golf vids at least your putter head cover was safe on this one ? think you may be on to a good game idea there putting the pressure on with the foot golf hole rule wonder if my local foot golf course would let me do that!!!

Douglas Robertson says:

Another cracker.

Jay Chung says:

I love night golf but I definitely wish the night golf courses around me had such good lighting. ? There’s nothing more frustrating than losing a ball that’s just off the green

Martin Reay says:

Peter, guess what??????? Hole in one today! Boom

carpykeith says:

Looks like great fun!

mjlein says:

Does the saying, "you couldn't hit the broadside of a barn", come in to play here? 😉

Frank C says:

Few night courses in Australia. It looks pretty cool and love to have a go. Must say it terrifies me the way I'm playing at the moment. I'd need a black box beacon on my ball??

Norman Russell says:

I'm not sure folk would accept it if you got a hole in one with a bucket hole so it's just as well you didn't get one! Hopefully this is your year, on a proper hole

Brian Rizza says:

Pete you didn't explain to Mark no playing it safe on YouTube golf especially with bucket holes

Ruud Schrijvers says:

With clubs fitted for you and bucket size cups, still no hole in one ???. Golf….what a wonderful game!

Rob Biles says:

Bucket Pete.

Eric Ganster says:

Looks like great fun Pete , watching your videos always cheers me up if I have had a bad day! ?

Dylon Knudson says:

Why don’t you and rick ever play anymore. Hope you two are still friends.

Brandon Hall says:

What covers do you have on your woods and driver?

kimchicracka says:

Looking forward to the warmer weather but just got reminded of all of ? I’ll have to contend with

menotyou menotyou says:

Peter what is your lowest score in a round?

Robert Fagg says:

So were those bucket holes for Footgolf?

Michael W says:

Night golf would be a huge hit in the UK. Looks like great fun.

Adam Salter says:

I would still be able to 3 putt

E.L.Dorado says:

I think golf with those big holes and pars being one less stroke than usual would be even more enjoyable.

Adam Barnett says:

Awesome! This was so cool. I would happily watch a full course vlog of bucket holes, birdie or double. What a great idea. This might be the most fun golf format I've ever seen.

Joe Perez says:

Great video. Might even be more fun if you don't have to call your flag until you hit your SECOND shot. Much more to think about. ?

Johnathan Wheat says:

Great change up, one of the most enjoyable vids! … But what if you accidentally got a hole in one in the white flag?! Mentally that would be tough..

David Burton says:

Your deep love for golf is widely shared. The bucket hole and rules are a superb development which might affect the further development of the game. Thanks and best

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