The Shoulder Tilt Move That 92% of Golfers Get Wrong ☠️

Master the shoulder tilt move that 92% of golfers get wrong with help from Mike Granato and Shaun Webb of Athletic Motion Golf!

Don't miss out on this chance to take your golf game to the next level and hit better longer shots. In this instructional video, we'll break down the right shoulder tilt move step-by-step and help you understand why it's such an important element of a great golf swing.

With help from experts like Mike Granato and Shaun Webb, you can eliminate any negative impacts the shoulder tilt has on your golf game and get more control over every shot you take. Learn the secret moves for successful shoulder tilts that NOBODY else is talking about!

This will be your “Go-To” video for any “Shoulder Tilt Move” instructions in your golf swing.


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24 thoughts on “The Shoulder Tilt Move That 92% of Golfers Get Wrong ☠️

  1. Love your videos and teaching styles. Have you done a video on the angle between the shaft and arms (not shaft lean) at impact or distance of hands from body (trunk/thighs) at impact?

  2. Can say I love the content you guys make on how the golf swing is ACTUALLY working and not all these guys trying to get people to bend or tilt in all crazy ways to get the shoulders down through impact and it just looks silly unless you work in the circus or something very a George G style of teaching “let the body rotation square the face” I’ve never understood it

  3. Can you explain the reverse K spine tilt at address again? And why it's problematic? Because I have access to a simulator and whenever I try the reverse K spine tilt at setup I gain at least 10 mph ball speed.

  4. I really appreciate all the videos you guys put out! I wish I had seen this video sooner! I got this tip from "Tom Saguto" on YouTube to keep my lead arm shoulder down and combined it with your other videos on shoulder/arm rotation. For the first time I'm able to start swinging in-to-out with consistency! I really can't put into words how much your videos have helped me to understand and visualize what I need to be doing in the golf swing. Thank you.

  5. Great video. In conjunction with this, in one of your videos on re-centering, you mentioned using the feel of throwing a ball to the ground. With a golf ball ball in standard ball position, where should we throw the ball (at the ball on the ground, forward of it, etc.) in order to have an optimal downswing plane of the shoulders and the club? Thank you very much.

  6. Doesn’t gears show that the pros have pretty much max right side bend before P6? (Seen this shown in other videos). I mean looking at Dustin Johnson you can see how crunched his right side is before P6. Would be interested in a video on this.

  7. Hi, I'm relatively new to golf, only been playing just over a year, I struggle with an over-the-top swing the question I have is have you ever taught a right-handed player who grips the club left hand below right? And would my grip be the cause of my swing? Thank you and enjoy the videos

  8. Great video! My big miss is hitting behind the ball. Comparing videos where I hit cleanly and hit behind showed greater shoulder tilt when I hit behind. Any drills to help shoulder position at impact?

  9. Really like the approach you take. A lot of issues with instruction where they teach their own feel as fact rather than what the body is actually doing. Love it ?

  10. Great video! I follow you guys on IG and I think you guys posted a short vid on this same topic and referenced the Nick Price book, and so it was cool to see an in-depth look at that concept. Force me to hit the subscribe button why don’t you!

  11. Great video! the set up example is with an iron. Question: When you set up with a driver, that side bend exaggerates the right shoulder being lower than the left. How does the driver set up influence how the shoulders turn back and through? I feel like I'm working away from the ball if it try to rotate around my spine and have the left shoulder lower then the right at the top of the backswing. I've always struggled with this concept.

  12. There are a lot of guys that are teaching baseball and hockey movements for golf. Can you guys use your gears models to show what's really going on with these "Body-turn Swing" guys vs "Hands Swing" golfers?

  13. Great stuff, as usual. My underrstanding from a recent article I read was that Hogan was 15-17 degrees with shoulders open at address but that's not my question here. My question is what do you think of OTT/OTTFI – Over the Top/ Over the Top from Inside that is now popular and recommended by certain instructors on YT. They point to a lot of top players who did this in the past and players doing it now. Now labeled as "the best way to smash the ball." Can you comment and/or do a video on this topic? Thanks.

  14. Doesn't the action of lowering the arms in the transition just naturally tilt the shoulders where they should be at impact? Edit: 20 to 25 degrees tilted, not open at impact, correct?

  15. I trust you guys but there is a lot of confusion about this out there. Have you seen Milo Lines recent video where he shows some swings in gears and says basically the opposite that you are saying? He says it is thoracic bend that is shallowing the club, not the arms. He doesn’t seem to focus on the right measurements though. Thoughts?

  16. Shots fired! Very respectfully though! Sounds like a lot of feel vs real? Some folks may need to feel open and exaggeratedly bending to get fully rotated? Thanks!

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