The Top Tips to Hit the 100 Yard Shot in Golf | Mr. Short Game

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How do you hit the 100 yard shot in golf? In this video I give you my top tips on how to hit this shot and get it close to the hole. You don't need to swing the club 100mph to be able to have a great short game, you just need to know a few simple keys and you will be playing some of your best golf ever. Be sure to subscribe to the channel and check the links below for special deals and discounts.

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larry larry says:

short iron shots are to high what about ball position

kar wye ng says:

Put it this way. when it comes to scoring. at whatever distance, use your 3 quarter swing to deliver the shot. because a full swing has no guarantee.

MIGEL- NOREEN Valadez says:

What golf course are you playing at? I went to Los Angeles and played at Oak Quarry Golf Course in Fontana. What a treat. In retrospect I wish I had left my driver at home and not played anything longer than a 5 wood. So much fun. – Loved your tips as always.

mike munson says:

Another great video. Your tips have taken my handicap down by 3.5. Keep up the great work

BeachBow says:

Because I had a tendency to get short with the pin in the front, I've started aiming at the top of the flag pole. Now I almost always get on the green, and usually have a decent putt. JM2C

MJP1966 says:

Great video. I struggle with timing the acceleration and sync through impact area. Like many, I tend to accelerate too early. Any good tips on building this into muscle memory as its too fast to really think about on the course?

Frank Caruana says:

Mr SG Mr SG, thank you thank you!! 84 this morning! (first round under 90) Why? bc I was throwing darts from 100 yards (this video) and rolling 1st putts either in or inside a foot (plum technique video) YOU THE MAN!

Chuck Price says:

Ive been watching your video's for about 6 months or so now, thanks to your help I've gone from shooting in the low 90's to mid 80's. Shot my best round ever today, 82!! Thanks so much, you're awesome!

lalosuave says:

Dude is amazing! I HAD to take a lesson with this guy. In 1 hour Matt had me swinging and chipping better than I ever have. Broke 80 the next 2 rounds! First time in 2 years! Great videos. Can't recommend him enough. Thanks Mr. Short Game!

Fredy Hernandez says:

Good Stuff!!

Bill's Gmail says:

Trying to control the flight of the ball with the hands is going to increase inconsistency.

We're CocoNUTS says:

Just rang the bell brother!!! I take your tips seriously… cheers.

Paul O'Neil says:

Saw Lee Trevino on a video once tell viewers to watch and then emulate Steve Stricker when hitting wedges. When a 6 time major winner, hall of famer and arguably the best ball striker ever, names another golfer to emulate on scoring wedge shots, then you can stop searching for information about what to do. Sticker is a master at that 3/4qtr, dead arm, not a lot of wrist, take one more club scoring wedge shot – when he is on, you just absolutely know his distance control is never going to be off. Rory McIlroy should hang out with him for a week and hit nothing but wedges.

FED UP says:

1st time I heard turning the screw..thank you

Van Fleming says:

100 yd shot??
If you’re on a par 5 and 220 yds out would you take a 5 or 4 and try to get 50-60 yds close to hole or would you hit an easy 8 say and
Get into 90-100 range?
I’m 72 yrs old and pretty good at 100 and not bad at 50..
Oddly though I seem to hit balls closer when I’m 100-125 out.
More of a full swing for me.

Really like your 3/4 swing recommendation for 100
Gonna go walk 100 off at practice range and see which club I do better with at 3/4’s


Aaron Wynn says:

91 meters my favorite shot never fails… never hands forward in short irons wedges…lol will take a easy 9 iron front nine warm up but back nine nice 3/4 pw for me ….

Rob Adoo says:

Working my way through your videos as a new subscriber. Every video I've watched so far is well explained and has really helped me out over my last few rounds. Big thanks from over here in the U.K. ??

Jack Rainfield says:

Excellent advice!

randy underwood says:

i turn that screw on every shot. other than flops or stuff like that

Ronald Rollins says:

Center setup to use the bounce on the wedge.

markdelej says:

Here’s my best 100 yard tip: if the flag is at the front you have to hit a hard one to get maximum spin with a lob or sand wedge. If the flag is at the back most people make the mistake of using a lob wedge or sand wedge and the ball spins too much. Impossible to get to a back flag when the ball has loads of spin on it. Take out a gap or pitching wedge and hit an easy one and let it release up the green, into the wind especially take more club with even less spin.

So dont always select the club that hits the distance, select a club that goes the distance and will land with the amount of spin required to get closest.

Rick Mason says:

Great analogy going today later

Boone Docker says:

Most people under club and most of the trouble is in the front. I tend to play a 100 yard shot at 110 unless it is downwind.

Johnny Nonny says:

Soon as I started focusing on keeping my elbow join straight, everything clicked.

Now I know how you guys hit so accurately while moving fast.

fuckers. haha. pardon language

Eric Wong says:

Thanks for the great video. I have a question. I'm a right hand player and I have tough time to set my hand in the center position AND make sure the SW club face is square. I always have to move the hand slight forward to my left foot. Any advice would be really helpful and appreciated.

Jay C. Hales says:

Since I have not played much golf for several years, I have to use a full 9 iron at 100 yards and you are using a 54* wedge. I have been at practice range more this summer. I'm slowly getting my swing speed back up, also getting my ball striking better. Along way to go from where my game was 6 years ago.

Jay Dixson says:

You da man. Love the video and knowledge, insight

Wayne Stewart says:

Your chipping tip worked great. Im stuck now on all your info keep up the great work !!!!

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