THE TRUTH… How Much Better Have Drivers Got In 50 YEARS!?

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THE TRUTH… How Much Better Have Golf Clubs Got In 50 YEARS!?

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ANDY BT says:

I like this James. I’d love to see a series of playing with retro clubs

Richard Durek says:

I have a full set, 14 clubs from the 1970's. Putter, 3 iron to SW, 1,3,5 woods. I play them regularly for a change. Total cost Australian S18.50. That's 9.70 in pounds and condition is better as well. You were robbed mate.

jeff bates says:

James good video and good information and showing you don’t have to pay a boat load of money. Where is Foxy?

BostonAlvesie says:

My driver is still the 983k 9.5°… has it really been 20 years? 😮😅

fretless 5 says:

My guess would be that distance and dispersion would improve in a stepwise fashion as the size of the driver heads got larger. For heads of the same size, I'd suspect that the tech that goes into them really fight for small bits on the fringes. On average, my guess is about a yard per year difference.

Jim White says:

I just did a comparative test with my 8 drivers: Peerless Peraimmon, Arnold Palmer Registered, 1972; 1979 Pittsburgh Persimon, steel driver, acquired new in 1982, Callaway Big Bertha Titanium High Loft, 2004; Callaway X 480 11 degree; Tommy Armour, 2021 /EVO3 Driver Sr f;ex (from complete set); Top Flight 2020 Gamer Sr flex; Tomy Armour 845 Max Sr flex. After field testing all, the best results for this 76 year old, very high handicapper came from the Big Bertha Titanium Hi Loft and the Tommy Armour 845 Max. My dispesion was actualy better with the Big Bertha, even though it is nearlsy 20 years old. Probably my swing is now about 12 mph lower than it was in 2005.

Jeff Nahass says:

£10 for the old wooden wood. $3 at Goodwill.

KeenCrafting says:

For almost 15 years, i played a persimmon 5 wood. For a reason, it was almost an automatic 180 yards and straight.

Neil Kimmance says:

Nick Faldo visited Broadstone and tried to purchase McGregor key hole driver for a huge amount.

mike char says:

“The numbers were NOT interesting” they’re exactly what I thought they’d be. Along without everyone else I’m sure.

Thomas Cofield says:

Makes you appreciate that Jack Nicklaus got 300 yards with a driver like the Titleist that you were hitting.

I paid 35 bucks for my Hogan Radial Driver, mid 80s persimmon wood. I actually enjoy hitting it too. Surprisingly I can still get almost 200 yards out of it. I had the same club in high school.

Sir BLT says:

I used to play with a set of McGregors that were from the 70s or 80s at the latest, & to be honest, I used to hit that driver 350+ on the screws (I play at 5,100ft altitude, so factor that in). My Ping G-410 only goes about 15 yards longer, but it's far more difficult to hit a DOD with the Ping. All of this is why I love having the BRNR Mini Driver in my bag at 13.5° for a 2-wood.

Barry Muller says:

I played the Hogan brand woods. They were not persimmon but laminated. Very accurate but I had a hard time not fading them.

Peter D says:

I own three 1970 McGregor Jack Nicklaus Golden Bear woods, 1, 3 and 5. My father won the full set when I was a kid, but he didn't play golf so they never got played, they are still in mint condition. No idea what happened to the irons. I've often been tempted to play them, but they're so pretty I cannot bring myself to do it.

Barry Muller says:

I guess 30 pounds

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