The Ultimate Game-Improvement Iron Test Part 2 | Moderate Swing Speed Comparison

In this exclusive video, 2nd Swing master fitter Thomas Campbell works with 2nd Swing sales associate Bob Norrbohm to #test out some of the newest #game-improvement #irons #models on the market. Each of the models #tested is designed to help produce high launch and more distance for someone like Norrbohm, who admits he is losing #swing #speed. The models tested include the #Mizuno #JPX-919 Hot Metal, #Cobra #SpeedZone, #Callaway #Mavrik Max, #Wilson #D7, #Titleist #T400, #PING #G710, and #TaylorMade SIM Max OS.

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24 thoughts on “The Ultimate Game-Improvement Iron Test Part 2 | Moderate Swing Speed Comparison

  1. Interesting test. Top two choices are both excellent but huge difference in prices. Titleists are are about 60% higher in graphite versus the TMs, at least here in Canada.

  2. Very good vid, but Inthink for his water carry holes he needs some high launching hybrids like the Callaway Big Berthas. I swing a 7 iron around 83-85 mph and for long carry approach shots or par 3’s I almost always pull out a 6 or 7 hybrid because the shafts are short enough where you can control the shot, and they launch higher and descend steeper than any comparable carry iron would for me. Unless you’re a pro it’s silly to be using a 5 or 4 irons on a long approach shot that has to carry all the way to the green and stop fairly fast. Hybrids actually check up pretty quickly due to their typical relative higher launch and descent angles than comparable distance irons. This guy should absolutely have some higher lift hybrids in his bag for those par 3’s.

  3. Do you ever fit the lower swing speed players with the Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo irons? My friend, who's 78 years old and swing speed about the same as this guy, bought a set of these and he loves them.

  4. Mav max suits him the best. Highest launch angle. Would like stop the quickest. That’s what he needs most with that steep landing angle in his gamer

  5. Is fatigue a factor when he hits ? I would have thought a the Wilson Launch Pads, Cleveland HB Turbo irons or Cobra T – rails suit this golfer better than any of these cavity backs.

  6. Nice video. I have the taylormade M2s and wanted to get a second set to just have and saw the Titleist 400 and the ap1. I wonder the difference between the two

  7. I thought this was an excellent video. Great to see a recreational golfer try out game improvement irons at last. ???Now can you do a video with a female recreational golfer trying out GI irons as there's not much useful information or choice out there for us girls. I'm sure these clubs would help us too. Thanks ?

  8. If he wants more height he could change the kick in the shaft to get it even higher, which will translate into longer distances, this could have been a much more in depth test

  9. I really wish that you had selected the Tour Edge Exotics EXS 220 iron as an option for Bob to hit. I have been playing that iron model for close to 7 months, and that is an iron model that I am quite sure would satisfy Bob’s needs for higher flight, more carry and a steeper landing angle. I am one year younger than Bob, at age 71, and I have about 12-14 MPH more clubhead speed than Bob; thus, I play stiff shafts in all of my clubs, including my irons (I have about 145-148 yards of carry distance with my 7-iron, and sometimes get 150+ yards of carry and 160+ yards of total distance with my 7-iron, with a 45* to 50* landing angle). However, I still suspect that the Exotics EXS 220 irons would really work well for Bob — and if he likes more of a hybrid look to his irons the EXS 220h would really be golden for him. In the end, based on the clubs that were made available to him. those two iron models that he selected would have been my choices as well if I were the subject of this session.

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