LONGEST DRIVE COMP Ping G30 Vs Titleist 915 D2

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LONGEST DRIVE COMP Ping G30 Vs Titleist 915 D2
Find out more info 915 D2: http://goo.gl/trtbVe Ping G30
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Titleist 915 D2
Hit more fairways with maximum distance and forgiveness
460cc pear profile provides confidence and stability
915 D2 delivers higher launch and more dynamic face closure vs D3
The wide sole channel delivers more distance by actively flexing at impact to launch the ball off the face with higher speed and lower spin.
High MOI design allows weight to be stategically placed in the back of the head, resulting in a low and deep CG
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Crown turbulators in the 460cc head help generate greater clubhead speed and ball velocity for consistently longer drives that find the fairway. The new T9S face material is strong, lightweight and thin, optimizing face deflection for even higher ball speeds and longer drives. With Trajectory Tuning+ Technology, you can fine-tune launch conditions using five settings and 2 full degrees of loft adjustability.
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tubeたつ公 says:


Leo Sanchez says:

hey some advice…….step one ball closer…..you hit every single ball off the toe

Daniel Gaete says:

You can't grade it based off of 3 hits

Dan T says:

Why in the world are you playing these at 10.5 degrees… no way that's part of your fitting… Should have at least changed the setting on both…

P ainter says:

Twice, not once, has he taken a slightly bigger and faster swing with the Titleist than he did with the G30. Let's let Iron Byron try both drivers instead of this guy.

chad1891l says:

yikes! would have been nice to see you hit 5 in a row with one. then 5 with the other instead of the back and fourth thing. thanks anyway.

David Ward says:

This guy has no idea what he is doing… Only hits two shots on the fairway with each club and somehow the d2 is the winner!!! Cool. Not even going to entertain how different the two shafts are and how Rick doesn't seem to care in any of his videos how the shaft actually affects your numbers.

You're comparing a high 70g range x flex vs a high 60g range s flex….. Yeah. Don't buy rick sheils' crap. Go to a real club fitter next time you want to buy a new club. You will be doing yourself a favor.

Live Your Life says:

Rick what a great video, I love the comparison. What range handicaps should use the AP1 irons and the AP2 irons? Thanks Rick

Noah Voges says:

I was just wondering why you use the g30 if you hit the d3 longer and you like the look.

Avinash Rawoot says:

It would be nice to see a match up between the 915 d2 and the callaway v series driver

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