These are THE BEST GOLF CLUBS I've Played All Year!

I've swung a lot of sticks, and these are best I've tried so far this year for mid to lower handicappers.

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28 thoughts on “These are THE BEST GOLF CLUBS I've Played All Year!

  1. Sure did not see this one lol, and I commented on todays. Go figure ha. Well hearing you saying they are not for the upper mid to highs I am going to pass on them 🙁 but tomorrows/Todays video is one I have so been looking forward to.

  2. Thinking about getting these clubs. At the moment I'm playing the cobra fly z pro mb irons. I play of 4 but I'm pushing 50 and need something a little more forgiving. I'm also a big cobra fan boy. Love the vid

  3. Never been a huge fan of Cobra irons, but man those look nice and they seemed to sound great too – hard to tell on video. Real nice approach shot on the 7th hole – definitely workable irons. Still…a little surprised by the video title compared to how they performed, but you know what was due to you versus the club. Another solid review.

  4. Good video but there is almost nothing to gain to play the regular forged Tec vs the tec x clubs. Looks wery similar and perform similar also. And u get more weight in the bottom on the tec x also. And still workable with drave and fade if u want to.

  5. These are super sweet clubs, but your video definitely shows the small but significant benefits of GI clubs like the Stealth, which help to keep our mishits on line.

    I think you're definitely good enough to game a players iron, why not give them a few months in the bag and see if you grow into them? You can always go back to the Stealth if they are hurting your scores.

  6. Hi Gabe. I think the x version might give you the same distance you are used to. I went from mizuno hmbs to srixon zx4s. Then i found pxg gen 3 xfs on sale and got a set, paired them with the recoil dart shafts and finally found a super feeling iron i can actually hit where i want to. Yeah they are pumped up lofts, but i don't care as long as i can hold the greens. handicap dropped from 16 to 10 with the new irons.

  7. The Pines greens are like a Chinese checker board. You just don't know which way it will go when it hits one of those little punch holes. Like those irons better than the sim2.

  8. Gabe, those clubs arent short, your swing speed is too slow for them. I play ping 525’s that are 1 degree weaker than those and rountinely hit 7i 165-170 carry. Players distance irons, even with weaker lofts, will far out shine a game improvement irons with medium fast to fast swing speeds. They are not made for slower speeds. Doesnt mean you and others wont benefit from their forgivness and workability, but you wont benefit from the complete rockets they will produce. When you stick a 220 yard 4i 8 ft from pin you’ll understand. Complete rockets!!!!!

  9. Do you think you could do a review on the cobra Forged Tech X irons? They are a little bit more game improvement oriented and would be interesting to see how they compare to these! In comparing how you played with them Mizuno JPX 921 Hot Metal compared to these I think you played better with them than these? I understand the workability of these is attractive but I think if you were playing five rounds of golf with both of these and the 921s I think you would score lore with a 921s once you were used to them. Anyway great video nice looking clubs but the heads look pretty small I certainly wouldn’t purchase them versus the Mizuno‘s. Thanks for another great video

  10. Great looking set of clubs. I'd still take my Mizuno Pros over these, but I like the looks of these A LOT! Sidenote: it amazes me how well you play with all these trial clubs. Even as a 6 handicap I think I'd play like a 20 with unfamiliar clubs.

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