The MOST FORGIVING irons in golf!

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Doug Backman says:

My fitted Ping G425's with graphite shafts have revolutionized my game.

Will Perrin says:

It would be nice to see a 20 handicapper try each of these irons.

Apollo says:

The Wilson irons are incredible. I had mine fitted and they improved my game tremendously.

Buns&Guns says:

Hell, I still love my Mizuno mp-32s

Dummy Account says:

i have the cleveland xl halo. does the same thing. don't care for how they look. as long as 1. they conform to the rules and 2. they help me shoot lower scores. they're in the bag.

Matt Artiste says:

hello, I am handicap 10 do you think this iron (taylor made Staelth) will suit me I am 52 years old I have a moderate speed swing, I am looking for an easy to play series, with a gain in distance. Last question the lofts being lower the apex is it not too low, and given the orientation of the face the trajectories do not pull too much to the left? the tests in France on the wilson say that it works best with an Upright placement thank you

timatack says:

Think u did better with Stealths 👍

Nick Galante says:

A clubmaker like Wilson should make a transitional set that includes the LP and a more traditional cavity-backed iron in the 9=gap and sand /lob wedges.

B says:

We don’t need forgiving clubs we need feedback clubs…..

Hosstache says:

This was the funniest video you’ve done!!! “Mary Poppins on kite day!!!” And the bit at the end in why don’t I have a set of these Wilson’s was great!!!!!

PossiblyACop says:

My current set ran me $64 at goodwill for 3I-SW, 5 wood, driver, putter and a bag. I have a mix of different Irons but mostly Dunlop Resolve Low Profiles, but some Wilson's mixed in, I'm wanting to get a decent set of matching clubs eventually but the idea of spending $950 on Irons for a hobby blows my mind.

Maybe one day, though.

Russ Cusworth says:

Recently bought Mizuno JPX hot metal and I hate them, pulling everything and the 5 iron is hideous 🤮

Rog Stanton says:

There are so many great golfers in the world and just because irons are held to a certain standard of looks feel and playability I would have no qualms about playing something that may not be cool looking spoons all shiny and does not give you your best chance of hitting you best shot regardless of where on the face you hit it even if that means only or 2 shots that got way away from you because you aren't using a super forgiving iron that may have been the difference of you being on the green or in a hole side bunker. I don t get it but for drivers if there's 1 out there better then the rest they all we'll be swinging that like we seen with the TM M1 & M2 or hell any of the white head drivers TM put out for like 8 yrs straight smh gimme my best chance to hit the ball further and closer to hole and I'm sold

NCtrail4R says:

Demo'd LP2 irons along with D9s, TM Stealths, and Cobra LTDx and was really impressed. The LP2s were more consistent in both ball flight and direction. I never thought of them as a fit for me, but I don't get to play as much as I used to and could use the help!

Chachi Chochacorta says:

How do these irons play from the deep rough? I don't mean that first cut of rough, I mean the really deep stuff we hackers usually find ourselves in from the tee box.

MTRX Bubby says:

I have the mizuno jpx 800

Lee Edwards says:

Best I've ever seen you played peter definitely qualify for the open using those Wilson's blades dont suit you 🤣🤣🏌️‍♀️🏌️‍♂️

ethan stansfield says:

Reddish vale! Get in!

DB gaming says:

I got fly xl’s, they’re nice for a beginner like myself and reasonably priced

john Blaha says:

Titleist t300

David Bentz says:

I still game the Ping Karsten irons circa 2015. They are extremely forgiving and you can get a set cheap!

walker b says:

I think the Titleist T400 irons are the most forgiving I’ve ever hit. Hard to hit a bad shot with them. And believe me, I try!!!

Nathan Shasho says:

Cleveland Launcher XL Halo Irons

Grant Craig says:

think these launch pad iron/hybrids need to go into the r bag for the quest for the open videos

John Agel says:

I'm playing the lovely Adams 2015 idea Tech in the black finish. Very forgiving, high launch maximizing the amazing technology for which TaylorMade bought out Adams and their patents. They are a bit bulkish, but as we know, wearing black is very thinning.
Although, I might end up hunting for the Wilsons as I am disabled and needing all the help I can get. Love you and your programming.

Thomas Wilson says:

Still playing Ping Eye2 – and they don't cost $900.

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