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Can golf be made cheaper!! in recent video i found out that so many golf clubs are losing members and the biggest thing to affect this was the COST and the increase across the board to do with golf and golf memberships. So i have gone out their and found drives over the last 5 years and i'm seeing if the technology in these drivers can still compete with the BRAND new drivers of today!

So in this test Alex elliott golf tedsts:
1. Cobra f9
2. Cobra SZ
3. Cobra RAD speed
4. Cobra LTDX

which will come out on top and which will be the BEST cobra driver of the last 4 years? Can second hand drivers be proof that golf doesn't have to be expensive? lets putt all these to the test and on average see what one ois longest!

This is back 9 films which includes golf podcast, golf talk, product reviews! This includes brands such as titleist, taylormade, ping, cobra, mizuno!

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BACK 9 FILMS says:

What would do? NEW OR SECOND HAND?

Michael Score says:

I'm sticking the sz driver, he was won by a friend of mine for the longest drive with a ts2 driver. I got them and i think he is a good driver. But I'm not much longer than i was with my old Titleist 975 driver…. For me all this marketing woodoo miracle is stupid. The reality is that the scores and handicaps became not better over the years with this modern technic. If you have a wood and for all shafted you trust in, use them for a long time! It's not the material, it's your swing if you struggle in the game. With money you can't buy success in golf!

Graham Liggat says:

I’m still using the M2 2016 and haven’t really found anything that improves very much on it for that combination of accuracy, distance and forgiveness. Suspect eventually the face will fail and not looking forward to that day!

William Denton says:

Yall are continually dogging the soft golf ball. Speculating that players will score worse with a softer ball because they won't hit it as far. But you're WRONG !! The soft ball greatly improves the players short game, more than making up for the shorter distance.

Richard Jacobs says:

I have a Cobra Fly Z in reserve and a Tour Edge C721 in my bag! Cobra is a fantastic product!

Sam Street says:

Using an R5 which is 20years old? Still hit it 230-250 at 38hcp

Eric Jencson says:

I had a speedzone but it wasn't better than my Callaway XR that I still use

Bob Pfaff says:

I have just bought a Titleist TSi2 after having played a 915D2 till now. I live in Australia and bought it online from the States. Even with shipping, it was half the price of the new TSr2.

CE Engel says:

You just made a video about golf balls being made 5% less distance for elite golfers. Golf balls are no different than golf clubs in terms of consistency as you said your latest driver is more forgiving. How about a driver from 10 years ago? Think you’d hit it 300yds on avg? I doubt it. Think golf is being made easier year after year? Probably darn right! Don’t worry .. 5 years from now you’ll be laughing at your current driver in terms of consistency! Golf equipment will never stop getting better because that’s what sells! You are living proof of buying new equipment year after year in search for better consistency.So unfortunately the game will keep getting easier. To the point where you’ll be having 30 maybe 40 first time winners per year on tour. Then everybody will ask where’s the really great players gone? Lol They’re there , just can’t distinguish them between the mediocre players because of great equipment! So be happy when they want to make the golf ball 5% shorter!

Nick Baron says:

Im still using the Cobra ZL Encore I bought brand new in 2012. I went on a hiatus where I maybe put in two rounds a year for 6-8 years. This driver doesn't really have super high miles on it, but needless to say I am looking to upgrade to something much newer. I don't have the budget to buy brand new at the moment and I am certainly not opposed to buying used clubs so long as they are in great condition. Great videos. keep it up.

fradaja says:

Still using a taylormade jet speed from 2010 , suits me fine

smudge10 says:

S zed you are not american please stop this zee rubbish

Tim Bourgault says:

I have just picked up a RAD Speed driver, new old stock, which is one that they still had in stock, new but older. I think incredible deals are to be had if you by a year or two back that are new. I am hanging up a Callaway XR16 that has served me well, still has life in it, I just think that 8 years of advancements I should see an improvement in my driving. Alex when you switch drivers what do you do to figure them out as they all have changes…maybe a subject for a video.

Skye PRF says:

For the last 2-4 years, we have seen very good enough clubs… I still have my Sim2… and I am close to upgrade my shaft instead of changing my club! Just not find a good place to test all those new shafts to make a good decision… any thoughts?

Aussie H says:

I'll take the F9, please 😁

OnTheMarc says:

Currently using the F9. Love it still

JW says:

Wonder how a F9 that has been played 220 rounds would compare to a LTDX that has been played 20 rounds ?

LabGorilla says:

Last time I bought a new club was 2007. My mizuno mp60s. Which I still play today. Meanwhile my hcp has dropped from 18 in 2007 to 4 now. New clubs are just a marketing ploy. Lessons and playing are what make your game improve. But that’s my opinion and marketing wins for most mug golfers.

Andy H says:

I have the speedzone and absolutely love it

brendan fardell says:

Just purchased an F9 new for less than 1/2 the price of LTDX. Can’t fault it. My focus is always on the best shaft for my swing. Get that right, and the head makes little difference. Go F9!!!

Ron Lara says:

Bought a Rad speed for $200 on Amazon. Not spending $600 for ever again

Paul Thornton says:

Excellent video.

We see watch videos of new clubs showing all the new technology of surfaces, aerodynamics weights etc but it looks as is improvements are marginal at best.

Bill Kahn says:

I have 2 comments: (1) Your experimental design is really poor. Looking at your numbers for each driver, your average distances increased each time you switched to the next oldest model Cobra driver. You should consider that the reason for this might have been that you were getting slightly "more flexible" and warmed up each time you swung the club. To make the comparison fair, you should have taken a 1-hour break and then repeated the experiment, this time starting with the oldest driver and progressing up to the newest. Finally, you could have repeated the experiment one more time, having someone else switch the driver heads for you, and placing the same piece of adhesive tape over the top surface to disguise the club, so you wouldn't know which model you were hitting with. Also, it would have been nice if you could have confirmed that each club had the exact same total mass of those custom weights, and that on the models that have weights at the front and back of the club, that the placing of those weights were identical, since this is supposed to affect the flight of the ball. I'd be curious to see the results after these changes. I'd also like to see the experiment repeated with a series of different model year drivers from Taylor Made, Ping, Callaway, etc. (2) Even if you accept the results of your experiment without reservation, The results show that there is, to say the least, not a great deal of performance improvement from one model to the next year's model (if any), and that for the most part, the changes are purely cosmetic. The take-away is that paying $500-$600 for a brand new, just released driver model (from any company) is at best, a decision based on vanity. I was able to purchase a Cobra Speed Zone driver (exact same model as yours) last year for about $180 + tax, previously owned, and in "very good" condition. It was a massive improvement over the much older driver that I started with when I first returned to golf, and allowed my to spend the money I saved on a series of lessons with my local PGA teaching pro!!

James Cook says:

I use the Cobra SZ and it’s done me well.

Lenny J says:

The way to make the F9 go further?
Warm up with 15 drives with the other models.
You got progressively better with each club.

Only_Son says:

I just bought a tsi2 for $200 and it is perfect. I'm happy as a lark. At that price and condition I wouldn't have been happier to be hitting a tsr.

WkndWarrior4 says:

I’m playing the matte crown SZxtreme. Looks great much better than the shiny crown version. Bought new on sale for $299. I would say the Sz Xtr and radspeed are some of the absolute best used bargains you can get right now. The prices have not held up and they are super good. Easily $150 on those

Gary Rae says:

Great test,underlines how much bs Manufacturers pump out to sell slightly,if any,improved product. Golfers have to be the most gullible sportsmen in the world. Having said that I have just bought the new 430 but only because I needed a stiff shaft and struggled to find one for my Ping G.I would say having the correct shaft has made a big difference to the stability of my swing.

LaxMan2k says:

Im rockin a Callaway RAZR X Black from 2012 and when I get a good strike the trackman says 280 total 260 carry w/ 105 clubhead speed. I am of the opinion that right now I would rather spend the money on rounds and driving/ lessons practice before I buy a nice new driver.

Dan Schulte says:

Cobra drivers are bitchin !

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