The 5 Best Tips for Beginner Golfers

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There are a lot of tips out there to learn how to golf, so we put together the 5 Best Tips for Beginner Golfers to help you in the right direction.

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and you’re going to learn how to play golf.

Let me be the first to congratulate you on your decision.

Whatever your reason for learning to play, golf is the greatest sport there is. Built on honor, integrity and sportsmanship (embodied by The First Tee); golf is a window into a person’s soul. You can learn a lot about someone just by how they conduct themselves on the golf course. Being outdoors in the fresh air and getting some good cardio exercise also isn’t a bad way to spend 4 hours either. You may also want to keep a psychiatrist on speed dial, too. Golf can be frustrating and drive you to the brink of insanity if you let it, but let’s not get into that right now. The game is magical.

There’s no need to buy a book called “Golf Tips for Beginners” or anything like that, because I’m going to hook you up with some free tips. You’re welcome.

Golf is like any sport in the fact it takes practice and repetition to become good. Before you can make a golf swing with a golf club you need to know how to grip it.

The first golf tip for beginners is the most basic and the most important. You can’t swing a club properly with the wrong grip. To start gripping the club, hold it in front of you at eye level with your right hand (assuming you’re right-handed). Now take your left hand and put the pad of your hand on the top of the club and close your fingers around the club. Got that? Great. If you want to do a test to see if you have it right, let your arm fall by your side and push the top of the club down, if the bottom of the club comes up, you’ve done it properly.

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Once you have gotten the grip down, let's move into the actual golf swing.

The Golf Takeaway

Your technique on the takeaway can make or break your shot. If you get the club moving away from the ball correctly, you set yourself up for a solid golf swing. However, if you compromise your form on the takeaway into the back swing, you’ll the see consequences in your ball flight. Before you even transition into the downswing, you are in a bad position and have a lot of fixing to do to hit a quality golf shot.

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Jaryd Lara says:

After watching this video a few times and taking notes, I went to the range for just the second time in my life (after a completely miserable and discouraging first-time experience) and implemented these tips. I was absolutely astonished by the results and could not believe the difference after just a few shots. I actually found myself swinging with accuracy and even hit the pin I was aiming for about 80 yards out with my 9 iron! Thank you so much for this video!

Teri Pratt says:

I’m the person …

Moennes says:

Excited to try this out, im so far having really bad experiences on the driving range

maxx says:

Will take your tips for my 1st time ever Par3 golf course ?

Dizi LiziD says:

Great tips. I'll come back and let you know how they helped after my next game, which will only be my second game in more than 10 years.

Hala Madrid says:

Yesterday was my first time golfing and it was a mess, I did raise my left arm like you said, and I would always hit the ball straight and low

Rom says:

I can’t afford private lessons with instructor , is it possible to learn everything from on YouTube?

J Mysterious says:

Thanks for the advice I feel this will be priceless for the next day the at range, my swing posistion kept changing because I had no proper form grip and swing wise so Id hit the turf always. Now I feel I will hit the ball for once. Hint remember Happy Gilmour, Remember when he missed every swing thats me. ?

Phoenix-King 77 says:

Who else is going to top golf tomorrow

Dave Hill says:

On the range, particularly with my irons, I am relaxed and hit very few bad shots. When on the course, where it counts, I seem to tense up and hit a lot of bad shots. How best to "carry from the range to the course?"

Michael L says:

Thanks for this video! The biggest take away for me was the grip to help me in my practice session yesterday at the range.

Phil Drane says:

Hi Todd, excellent advice for a beginner like me. Easy to understand and follow. Thanks very much.

leslie quinn says:

On the back swing how high should the left arm be? Above the shoulder line or below?

vic diaz says:

Great tips! I went out today and started feeling the weight on my balls of feet, in stance. Realize if I started with my lead foot I would naturally put weight back rather than trying and straining when reaching that “sweet” spot on my back swing. The way you explain it is how I’m going to explain to my other beginner friends. Thanks again

Forbidden Creed says:

Me and this guy share the same last name! How cool!

Paul Schieber says:

My 14 yr old son got a set of golf clubs given to him- we watch the your video several times practiced twice and from the practice drill of standing on lead foot with back foot off to the side I can use my 8 iron and hit the ball straight for about 200 yards- phenomenal

Joe morgan says:

My grandfather told me that the V between your thumb and forefinger, both should point to your right shoulder. His name was Olin Dutra.

riboflavin1987 says:

Thanks for a great and free video!

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