THIS DRIVER IS HOT! Mizuno ST-Z 220 & ST-X 220

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I review the new Mizuno ST-Z & ST-X 220 Drivers, one a neutral weight with low spin, the other a more draw bias head with slightly higher spin. I test both on TrackMan4 and deliver the performance numbers as well as my personal feedback on the looks and feel.

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dry509 says:

Please have a high handicapper hit these clubs.

Prodigy says:

What is your opinion compared to StG 220 ?

Eduardus Tri says:

i just bought STX 220 yesterday, i cannot wait to try in the driving range 🙂

Joe Pawling says:

Thank you Michael, love the reviews. You’ve hit both the Mizuno and the Rogue in your opinion which do you find more forgiving? And at address which look did you prefer for face angle?
I have tried the Rogue Max love the top look. But in the irons I’m torn between the Apex 21 and either the JPX 921 forged or the 223 pros. 223’s look great but I hit the other two more consistently. I’m getting my first ALL new bag! Always been hand me downs, playing Ping i5’s now and RAC woods😂😂

Robert Bachman says:

I've said that Mizuno drivers are one of the best looking clubs, but they back that up with performance. Mizuno can certainly compete with the so called best………

Cameron Nott says:

Thanks for the review Mike!

Raj Kumar says:

Hi Michael are they available for custom atm and when will they be available to purchase?

kyle e says:

Put against the stealth I am looking at both

Stephen DiBari says:

Awesome review Mike! Definitely want to see this Mizuno 220 ST-Z head to head against Cobra LTDx. Two of the best bang for the buck most forgiving drivers of 2022 !

I’m gaming my 2016 M2 with a Small Batch Evenflow Riptide CB 6.0 shaft and I’m loving the feel, performance and mostly forgiveness. Haven’t found a driver that can outperform it yet.

Sometime this year I’ll be comparing my M2 against both the Z and the Cobra LTDx and see which one is best !!

A says:

It goes like the 2021 model that you can obviously find at a better price . And in my opinion the Diamana Red is better than the Hzrdus

Trey Benton says:

Mizuno got it right with this ST-Z 220. Played the ST-Z and felt like I fought the left side. Whatever weight shifts they have made, etc. this is a straight hitting monster. This will stay in my bag for a long time. Nicely done Mizuno. Nice job on the review Michael.

Brian Kinread says:

Would like to see left to right dispersion. Not average dispersion. See how forgiving they are.

Antony Bonner says:

Love these , seem to perform as good as anything around at the min , definitely trying these out

Jonathan White says:

I just purchased a st-x 220 driver and it has a 13 gram weight in the back bit everything I'm seeing says should be a.20 g.weight is what I have wrong

David Finn says:

Best mizuno driver by far , looks a winner

michael barber says:

great review Mike if carbon is the way forward as in the crown and sole when do you think Ping and Titleist will jump on the wagon or if at all ?

Bandit Baker says:

Everything that Mizuno do just oozes class and these two new Drivers are carrying on the tradition.
IMO the look, sound & performance are equal to anything else on the market.
The only slight downside is that the performance between the Z & X looks to be almost identical, so in a fitting, it could be difficult to choose which one to buy.

Stephen Scully says:

Mike, between the new Stealth, Rogue, and Mizuno, which would you recommend to the mid—higher handicap with driver swing speed around 85-90 mph?

Paul McGee says:

These are by far the best looking drivers I have seen so far this year

Andy F-D says:

They look and sound really nice. Not long ago I bought a Cobra and was seriously looking at the ST200. Great review and information, as per usual, Mike. Top channel.

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