This is EXACTLY WHY 94% of golfers CAN'T strike their irons…

THIS IS HOW YOU ARE GOING TO CREATE SOLID CONTACT WITH YOUR IRONS! This is Why 90% of golfers can't strike their irons and i am going to show you exactly how you can fix this & start striking all of your irons from 9 iron to 7 iron into the long irons too like 5 iron! Follow these simple golf tips and the no.1 drill for your short, medium and long irons to take your strike from thin and weak to crushed and add up to 15 yards to your irons easily when you get the correct iron golf swing technique after doing this drill for just 3 minutes

Alex elliott golf shows you the best irons golf swing technique drill to improve the strike of your irons and learn to not scoop at the golf ball but start striking the ball & then the turf every single time! What all golfers dream of the correct irons golf swing technique

What if there was a easy way to instantly fix chunked shots, there is! I have seen so many different videos on hitting behind the golf ball on youtube but none of them have been easy to take to the golf course.

Apply this drill and you will have an easy fix! YOU WON'T BELIEVE THAT I TOOK 4 SHOTS OF AN 16 HCP USING THIS

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29 thoughts on “This is EXACTLY WHY 94% of golfers CAN'T strike their irons…

  1. I love this drill!! Just get that simple feeling from learning the concept of LOW POINT! Don’t worry it’s not complicated just follow this video

  2. One thing I found that really simplified this concept for me was to shift my exact focus point on the ball from the back edge where the club face will make contact, to the leading edge of the ball. By doing so, I found my body naturally bottomed out the shot after the ball instead of before it because the club bottoms out where your eyes are looking at. Weight forward, good hip rotation and proper placement in the stance combined with concentrating on the leading edge of the ball will really fix this problem. At least its what worked for me.

  3. Very interesting. I often used to use a similar drill, with a towel, for bowling, but I never thought of doing this for golf. Back in the day, irons were the best part of my game, but since I took the game back up after a 20 year hiatus, Shot Scope is telling me that I'm not hitting my 3 iron or 4 iron well at all, and my 5 iron could improve, too. I plan to do this drill, and your other iron drill (balancing on the left leg), until once again, my 3 iron is a club I have complete confidence in. Actually, lol, I have complete confidence in it now, but Shot Scope says I'm wrong. 😉

    Thanks for the great videos.

  4. I don't look at the ball. I look at a blade of grass 1/4" infront of the ball on short irons, 1/2" infront on longer irons as spot to hit down at. I dont move ball position except for driver. Find your spot, center or just ahead. Stop looking at the ball!!

  5. What do you suggest on aligning the club head to the outside toe. You tip on using it for driver was amazing. Utilized is yesterday and hit 12 of 14 greens. Around par 3's all day

  6. Great vid and thanks. I've been mid-singles for some years but still struggle with striking. Looks like a great drill. However, for me I think part of the problem is hitting off mats, where you perhaps try to avoid getting to far down and into the ball. We have a grass range some distance from us but it's always worth the drive. However, I'll give this drill a go at our normal range with mats. Cheers mate and thanks from Sydney – Dave

  7. I find it funny that you have used "Golf's only secret" on the thumbnail of more then 1 of your videos. How many secret's is there? There is no single secret for making a great swing and I wish all you teacher's on YouTube would quit saying the word SECRET.

  8. Hey alex- Idk if you know but Danny Maude is making exact same videos after you. 20 days later uses the same device and everything. Why 93% of Golfers Can't Strike their Irons…

  9. You kept talking about clearing the towel but, not where you position the towel in your swing. I believe I saw the front of the towel always just inside your back foot. Is that the correct placement? Thanks for the tip and response!

  10. i dont see how the position from the towel relates in any way to hitting the ball. are you lining your feet up with the towel?? Im so confused

  11. Once again, a nice simple explanation and drill. I'm terrified of my five iron but, I'm going to give this a go. The video appears to have been made especially for me! ??

  12. Good concept based on striking a distance after the towel, depending on the club. But you but didnt explain where exactly the towel is set up.l

  13. well, the key is to hit little half shots, turning the right clavicle thru towards the target. this puts fade on the ball. in the full swing, when the left side of the right forearm is fully activated, it loads into the clavicle- enabling it to turn thru towards the target, in the hitting area. a fade is a straight shot.

  14. I have a 1 iron in my bag. No wait, that's my putter. 5 is my lowest. I took my 4 iron to court and we aren't on speaking terms. Liked the video.

  15. I got to a 9 handicap hitting the ball like crap. I would pay a lot of money to fix this. But it can't be done. Not sure why. God is laughing.

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