THIS is the most forgiving driver in golf πŸ‘€

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David Mitchell says:

Wilson Staff D9 is extremely forgiving.

Patrick Williams says:

Would the Rogue Max LS be just as forgiving?

7crevels says:

Cobras have the best all around, long hits, very forgiving…

rakeN says:

TaylorMade SIM 2 MAX D – Canβ€˜t think of a better driver for my slicey swing :β€˜D

Justin Lemon says:

I bought this club on your recommendation and couldn’t be happier. Replaced my Epic Flash.

Jay Listed says:

I love my G425 max so much I got the 3 and 5 wood to match.

T.U.S. Technologies, Inc. says:

mizuno st-z

Franklin Niester Jr says:

Nothing goes farther than a good ball off my SIM2 MAX. Although, a misshit can be extremely unforgiving, but when i strike it well, it kinda makes me feel young again. Or at least able to KEEP UP with the young folks. Age 59 with a 10 hcp from the whites. Ive broke the 70's 5x since buying my SIM2's last year. Next time at Dick's tho, i may try out that Callaway driver again in the simulator. I may go STEALTH tho.

Robert Powell says:

I have this driver but in the LS model. I can say even the LS is forgiving but also a monster for distance. At 53 years young I now have my 2 longest drives, total yards of 332 and 321 (319 w/RadSpeed). I want a second of this driver as a spare, I really believe this club is that good

Peter Clews says:

I tested to Rogue Max and G425 Max the other week. Found the Callaway went further, but the Ping seemed easier to hit consistently. I got the Ping.

Ajaz Khan says:

Nahh can't be more than the G425 but I will be trying it soon we shall see.

Danny McLoughlin says:

I bought one , so far fantastic I was about to give up

Steve Smith says:

Really surprised you replaced the Ping G425 with the Rogue Peter. Especially since the Ping 425 is supposedly the #1 driver of 2022. What's with that ??

Jd Wond says:

Interesting, but I'll have to stick with my g425 for now.

Neil Domalik says:

I was fitted into the Rogue MAX D in February it's been a massive help to my game I've become more consistent in my drives. It's the best upgrade to my bag at the start of the year.

Jim Orr says:

I’m sorry but I didn’t find the Callaway the most forgiving driver, it’s a great drive but overall average on forgiveness.

Craig Seaver says:

Mine shows up today. Tried the Stealth, LTD, STZ, 425 and Rogue. Rogue won.

Colin Wallace says:

The Cobra LTDX is very forgiving especially coming from the Titleist TS4

eemeli oksanen says:

I got fitted with Rogue MAX ST. Old one was Callaway ft-5. I made my first eagle with Rogue. I'm very pleased. My bad shots are not so bad anymore thx for that xtra forgiveness. Thank you Pete for the review for that Callaway.

Sleepy Gopher says:

Stop this shorts bs pls

Tyler Hall says:

Will it correct early casting and extension… πŸ₯ΊπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚️ #IneedProfessionalHelp

Tony Bytheway says:

I can't get past my TSi3…..looking forward to trying the TSR

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