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Glenn Watson says:

That does not seem humanly possible. I recently achieved 104.

David Barnard says:

He swings his wedge faster than I swing my driver

mark Born says:

I'm 42 years old and I'm swinging much faster and hitting much farther I would say that u need to step it up if ur gonna say you murdered it, cuz I will show you the proper way to murder the ball.. I'm just sayin,

Richard Oakley says:

That swing is solid. Very impressed with his fundamentals.

John White says:

This guy can crush but he is so cringe

Bogeyssuk says:

I'd like to see you take someone who has 80's swing speed to 100 – more realistic for the majority of us.

Landon W. says:

50 inch driver….

damiansonofsantana says:

That warm up swing is Charles Berkleys actual swing ?

Bobcat Fulton says:

how do his 5 foot putts look ?

Mike Yip says:

I cant hit 150 mph ball speed

Anderson132100 says:

Isn't Eddie close to 50 years old? that has to be a record for 45+ division. Dude is an animal!

Mike Austin Fan says:

This is what a 155mph club head speed looks like.

O. G. says:

Last Year I played in a Corp. event and Eddie was one of the guest pros….He was to hit our tee shot for our team on a par 5 at the Reunion Resort, Orlando…..This man is huuuge…..20mph breeze into us 365 wet grass all carry with his "short" length driver….still have the cell phone vid………………………………………………………………….

and he's 50. Repping the Winter Garden!!

aemluck says:

Smash factor?? How long is that club? Another Callaway ad:D

alexandre cassini says:

Impressive! What was the launch angle and carry?!

cgasucks says:

I didn't know 150 MPH Clubhead speed is even humanly possible!

Lucas Wald says:

Love working with Eddie. Fired up with his progress to date and excited to see where he will go.

rysu says:

Wow! Super impressive.

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