How to get faster hip rotation in your golf swing for a faster golf swingfaster golf swing

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This video discusses how the hips move in the golf swing and also focus's on how to move the hips faster in the golf swing to encourage a faster more athletic golf swing creating more clubhead speed.

The biggest problems with golfers is timing, sequencing, swinging too hard and generally struggling to find rhythm in their golf swings leading to mis hits when they try to hit the ball harder.

This video first discusses how the hips should move in the golf swing and once you understand how to move the hips correctly then you can start messing around trying to speed the move up.

You need to understand a few things first:

Weight pressure and weight transfer in the golf swing. The weight needs to be on the right hand side for a right handed golfer at the top of the backswing preferably in the heel to encourage a decent and correct hip rotation in the backswing. From this position you can now push pressure in the lead left foot into the start of the downswing also known as the transition.

To correctly apply pressure into the left leg on the downsiwng you need to understand that the hips move in a downward move in the transition which applies flexion into the left leg as you start the downswing.

From this position in the downswing you can start creating a hip rotation this means pulling the left hip back to trigger a rotation.

At impact all of the weight should now be located in the left heel and the right toe.

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This will help you stay balanced throughout your golf swing.

Now you know everything its time to speed this up. The biggest problem is when you get out of sequence you will naturally start to hit the golf ball with your arms and hands with are unreal able.

By rotating your hips correctly in your golf swing now means that you can create controlled speed in your golf swing but also introduce more clubhead speed in your golf swing meaning a faster controlled golf swing.

This is how to move the hips in the golf swing and also how to create more clubhead speed in your golf swing.

You can make these swing changes to your golf game as I see this on a daily basis so start making a better golf swing for yourselfs.

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Kerry Mong says:

One of the best tips I have ever seen.Brilliant simple explanation.

Malie says:

One thing I found is thinking too much while swinging will make for a stiffer slower swing….whereas if you dont think about the swing and just think about the target, the hips fire faster. That's just me though, I'm a very mental player.

stuart whitby says:

Every video I watch Russel your in the rough at side of the fairway ?????

Steve Robson says:

Just going back through some of your older videos on the channel Russ as I missed some first time around. This is an absolutely excellent explanation of weight shift and rotation. Thanks again for all the time and effort you take to make, what in my opinion are the best golf instructional videos I’ve seen on you tube (and I’ve seen a lot!).

Bernard Vorster says:

I have ended back in time here Russell, but maybe this is what I need to understand this transition and rotation. Okay, so now 20 hours on this… Not sure if I have enough years to do all my 20 hour different drills 🙂

Bob Mowbray says:

The hardest part of the downswing (and the turning of the hips) for me is finishing it with my weight centered on the left heel. My weight seems to end up more towards the front of the foot. If I really focus on getting my weight to the heel, I end up spinning out of the shot…very hard to break muscle memory!

Mark Watkinson says:

Great vlog Russell keep them up ?

76MUTiger says:

I like the reminder that we can't go for speed until our sequence of functions are correct. Of course, if our sequence and form are correct, that will itself improve our speed. This is great information and I will work hard on it! Thanks!

Brian Berg says:

I have been binge watching all your videos the last week or two, amd went to the range yesterday to practice some of the stuff I have learned! Wow! What a difference it has made! Thank you so much! Can't wait to get back to the range and keep working on all your drills! Your making golf fun for me again!

kevin shim says:

Always great advice from him. Very easy to understand & realistic to practice.

Chetin Ali says:

This guy ????

Harry El-Kara says:

Explaining Hogan's moves and drills!!!!

Brian Frith says:

Great stuff thanks

EShad Show says:

This is by far the best explanation of how to use the ground and get hip rotation. Great stuff!

Jeff Hansen says:

Thankfully most people don't have to think that much. Way to complicated.

Dave Everitt says:

This is great information and it fits very well with my focus, this winter, on improving hip motion. I've found a dance step like mantra, which incorporates the moves that you describe with the hips. Rather than thinking about the hips I like to visualize an "eye" in the centre of each butt cheek (glute). The "eye" in the right glute moves up and back during the backswing and the eye in the lead/left glute moves down and back while doing the downswing. I find this easier than thinking about what hip bones and knees are doing. My backswing and downswing, are both triggered by a slight pressuring of the underside of the left big toe joint, towards the ground. This stationary trigger really helps my timing, balance and feel for the ground.

phil anderson says:

25 years ive been playing s&%te golf….and then you come along and it started tp make sense….ive gotta come see you

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