Tiger Woods wins it all in a chipoff at the Memorial Skins Game 2009

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agfi88 says:

the money chip from Tiger in his primwο»Ώ

JFH432 2 says:

His game seems to get better as the game gets shorter:
Driving: Good, but not outstanding. (69th on tour in driving accuracy
Irons: Excellent (Greens in regulation 24th on tour)
Chipping: Outstanding (14th on tour in sand saves:)
Putting: Among the finest: (4.07 birdies per round: 3rd on tour)
Overall: ONE OF THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME! (Has the lowest career scoring
average in PGA Tour history)ο»Ώ

JoeyFudd says:

@0titleist0 No, best performer under pressure is probably Peter North, the
adult film star. Not enough people have tried it to appreciate his work…

alozare says:

I bet that old guy HATES him!

Corncrops says:

@bigsleep32 Fuck you, it is very clear that you are a failed a golfer who
dreamed to play on tour. You then saw how good Tiger was and got jealous.
Fuck you bitch, Tiger is and forever will be the greatest athlete of all

Gman6755 says:

that guy could really play back in the day when he was banging porn stars
everyday behind his wife’s back!!!

bunkerputt says:

Who is this guy? I’ve never heard of him. πŸ˜‰

1PedroAmor says:

To hole out time after time has nothing to do with being an athlete, more
like being a porn star, Jordan rules

Tawee Pianchorb says:

@LordOfTheDrums I will be more careful next time when I wrote comment.
Thank you for your remarks.

DiamondDanny says:

Sorry but how the fuck is he the greatest athlete of all time? I’m not
doubting his skills as a golfer but Jesse Owens won 4 Olympic gold medals
during the 1936 Berlin Olympics. I don’t think you can compare golf to

dannyhall19 says:

@0titleist0 typical american, so ignorant to other countries sports you try
and put a basketball player in the ebst athletes of all time

coreman17 says:

Fast forward to today and Tiger wouldn’t even come close to making either
of those shots. Who’da thought we’d be saying that when he USED to make
everything? He’ll be lucky to win ONE more major let alone break ANY more
records let alone Jack’s.

taylormade0808 says:

tiger kindof shrugs like he knows hes the shit

XlburrowsX says:

ahah i want to see the whole chipoff πŸ™‚

LordOfTheDrums says:

@richtawee2007 hahah dont take it too litterally, i know your enot gay dude

sanderson9999 says:

“i quit”

igolf1234 says:

Jack-“you chip in around here more than anyone I know” Tiger- “Obviously
Bitch i’m Tiger F*&%#*@ WOODS!”

calbo555 says:

@0titleist0 nope u have muhammad ali infront sorry to say , 15 rounds of
perfect punches hit after hit whilst having to stay infront of your
opponents every punch , tiger has no distractions like ali had to deal with
πŸ˜› .. he is a close 2nd with jordan though ha πŸ˜€ .. muhammad ali= numero
uno .. you can’t disagree sorry . have a nice day

sagar passi says:

uh oh… uh oh… OUAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Michael Banks says:

“I quit, I quit”

Watt Ever says:

u need to get out more

Karan Sawhney says:

I love how Kenny Perry laughs haha πŸ˜›

mrbeefy1228 says:

“i quit….i QUIT” omg truly unbelievable

Tawee Pianchorb says:

@LordOfTheDrums I am perfectly a straight guy…maybe my english still need
improvement. I like to write and sometimes I got carried away. However, I
am not gay. If that is what you are worrying about. I only like to see him
play well again. Nothing about sex.

Julius Oppenheimer says:

@heavy300 r u kidding me, with a flu, oh boo-hoo for jordan does he need is
mommy to make him some hot soup. we are talking about winning the us open
with a BROKEN LEG, it is not even close. not to mention his win by 15 shots
at the 2000 us open

Vaibhav Jain says:

I quit !!!!!

coltcub64 says:

@coreman17 I still think he will come close to Jack’s record, perhaps still
break it. He’s going through a swing change and in time, he will regain top

AngelofSkill says:

tiger making other pro’s say they quit really does show that he is in a
whole league of his own haha

coltcub64 says:

Jack: “You chip in around here more than anybody I know.” Tiger then
proceeds to chip in on 11 for eagle on Sunday in 09, then on 16 for bird in
2012. This, of course, following the 2 times he chipped in on Sundays in
1999 and in 2004.

Brian Snodgrass says:

HAHA can’t believe I found this. The kid yelling tiga tiga tiga woods yall
at around 25 seconds is me, classic!

Michael Cummings says:

ha rich lerner “i quit”

naamidei says:

hes at least the second best golfer of all time….1st is yet to be
determined..but i say he gets there

JustinIsHere says:

“Tiger Tiger Woods Yall!” Lmfao!

Brendon Kim says:

lol love kenny’s comment, “HAHAHAHAHA u always make it!”

KenPhantom5 says:

Is Kenny Perry high? lol

MrGreene313 says:

The greatest golfer EVER!

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