Tiger Woods' biggest strengths as a golfer | Morning Drive | Golf Channel

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The Morning Drive crew breaks down Tiger Woods' game and explains what his biggest strengths as a golfer are. #NBCSports #GolfChannel #MorningDrive #TigerWoods

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Tiger Woods' biggest strengths as a golfer | Morning Drive | Golf Channel

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Darren Byrne says:

Tiger's biggest strength is that he can zone into the present moment Shut off the thinking mind and rely on his ability

Joe Smith says:

The GOAT. No question.

Get SomeAss says:

Shot making. That big cut last year out the bunker? I don't think anyone on tour could make that shot (maybe Mickelson)

wreckim says:

Tiger and Jack both concentrate and perform better, as the tournament (usually a Major) gets tighter and more demanding. There are others that have also perform well, but their ability to do this is sporadic, not consistent over their career. I have no idea what that's called, but TIger and Jack own it. BTW, on the physical end of it, just three years ago Tiger tried, and failed, to hit a wedge 100 yds. over water in an exhibition event. He looked like Rodney Dangerfield out there. It is the most remarkable thing to see what this man has done after having, apparently, thrown it all away. Not.

Walter Sparks says:

Lol…what a stupid title…..the dudes entire game is and has been flawless ….

Jon Mengering says:

'Strength comes not from physical capacity; it comes from an indomitable will' ~Mahtma Ghandi El Tigre has that in spades, proven over and over again.

Geoff Smith says:

Amazing to me just how quick these media personalities are to toss these players aside like garbage just to be back on the bandwagon when the player proves them wrong.

Tigers best strength is his competitive drive. The same thing that made Kobe, MJ, Brady, and any other legend of sport legendary.

This is how Tiger returned himself to form. In an attempt to prove all of you media people wrong because you’ll say whatever you think to get a share or a subscription.

Al Meneses says:

Tiger is like Messi, who sees the game in slow motion. They see spaces and shots that nobody else in their sports is able to see!

Pisanu Kr says:

It’s his abilities to escape from troubles, like hole 14 rd 2 of last year Masters.

Jonie Batlhophi says:

Honestly speaking, golf has naturally become part of Tiger's DNA since striking the golf ball at tender age!! His thirst for success in the game is unquenchable.

David Bushey says:

His artistry as you discussed the one thing most of the new up and comers Dont seem to have the ability to create a shot where there seems to be no shot to create the shot in his mind and execute it. You even see it on the taylormade videos with the rest of the staff players he will call out a shot and pull it off and all of them look like how did he do that. Then he explains and all are on edge of their seat then later u see them try it

Yvette Benjamin says:

His ability to hit the right shot or make the putt when it matters most. Mental strength. Will to win. Never give up attitude. Inspiring!

Yvette Benjamin says:

He is always aware of his body’s limits.

Olórin Istarì says:

Best golfer ever.

jeffrey luciana says:

It could be his insane desire to win

Andrew Cater says:

How about more hard hitting topics such as, why do we not see more Tiger like mental attributes from other players?, Why does a player of Tony Finau's caliber, who's played in a President's Cup and won, crumble under the pressure of winning a golf tournament when there is literally a tournament every week to win? They aren't rare or that special. Discuss the difference between accidentally breaking a rule vs deliberately breaking a rule and what, if any, should be the.proper response by the tour.

Shay Orestad says:

Next time listen to the sound that is made when he hits his irons. It sounds different than everyone else. Rory is the only other one who also has a different sound

j b says:

tiger's biggest strength is that he's tiger. full stop.

Eli Patrick says:

Tiger visualizes the shot better than any golfer ever has been able to if you follow his eyes before the shot( wether it be a putt or tee shot) his eyes will show you where the ball will go every time
It’s his ability to pull off the exact shot that he visualizes every time

Rodney Widger says:

I remember an interview with Tigers dad Earl. He said he taught Tiger the game backwards, meaning putting, chipping first !!! Green back to the Tee and NOT Tee to green. with Tiger's success I wonder why there's not more parents or coaches teaching that way?? Love the show and channel. Thank you, Rodney

James P says:

Grinding! No one grinds better than Tiger.

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