Tiger Woods Golf Swing: Learn His Takeaway w/ 2 Simple Moves

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Tiger Woods Golf Swing: How to Have His Takeaway w/ 2 Simple Moves (Golf's #1 Lag Instructor)

In this video, we will go over Tiger Woods golf swing and more specifically his takeaway. A great takeaway won't make your perfect swing, but it can definitely break it. In this video we will go over two very simple motions that will help simplify your swing forever!

Good luck with your golf game!
Clay Ballard

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“Tiger Woods Golf Takeaway”

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jdheatherly24 says:

Clay… I struggle to achieve that “driving my right heel into the ground
feeling.” I’m 6’4, 170 lbs. soaking wet, so strengthening my legs/core
should help this problem shouldn’t it?? I just assume that the bigger the
core/leg muscles, the more stable of a base you can create.

RotarySwing.com Golf Instruction says:
HeidisBrother says:

When we are driving the weight into the right ankle, as you spoke about in
this video, is it better to focus on driving the weight on the INSIDE of
the right ankle? I find when my weight goes to the outside of my right
foot/ankle, I can get behind in my swing and hit a fat shot. Does that make

Gregg Green says:

Sorry, no way he’s doing that. You can’t think of moving “involuntary”
muscles. The upper right shoulder moves automatically not manually. No
possible way you can play all the shots in golf that way.

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