Tiger Woods on How to Chip!

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http://TeamWeichman.com made this video Oct. 2009 at the Tigers Woods Foundation Golf event at Newport Coast Golf course in Orange County California


DPrivy11 says:

This was two weeks before the shit hit the fan lol

MrTanker10a says:

What a lousy camera angle for a training video tip… The Chip shot has not
change one bit…

dj kerry says:

Its been 4 years. Joking about Woods’ affairs is like joking about the Bush
administration. It’s low hanging fruit at this point in time.

Chris Lee says:

look at everyone using their hands to cover the sun lol

BBeatsMaster says:

the next video tiger is teaching how to get 10 girls in a

npsantini says:

OMG Tiger Woods wearing shorts! It seems so wrong!

Eraldo Ferreira says:

Tiger Woods on How to Cheat!

rexde48 says:

I’m pleased he continuously reminded us he was hitting a golf ball

pab7984 says:

Good advice. Scoop and die.

john mc cumsy says:

I hit a golf ball so hard one time that sub atomic particles came out my
anus I was happy bak then now im homeless and live on a diet of algae

CaptainAndrewWiggins says:

awesome i wanna see more!

cgasucks says:

This was filmed one month before his life changed forever…

TheRiceowlex says:

Reference to “Bush Admin” Difference is it were you or me we’d be under a
prison…Watch “Conspiracy of Silence” and “The Franklin Cover Up”…Are
your kids worth hanging that low fruit, mine are..wake up.

TheNYgolfer says:

are you a racist or you just can’t spell..or both? *snicker*

ste bristow says:

Tiger teaching would be about £10,000 per lesson from the master!!!!!! And
some of those lucky bastards were cheeky enough to turn their back and not
look interested!!

james mase says:

@letsmakesomemusicnow what guy doesnt?

fanboyFPSRUSSIA says:

Damn… thought it said “Tiger Woods on How to Cheat!” was gonna give my
Swedish wife the slip…and get some sugar on the side.

mik3yl3 says:

i wonder if this fool is watching youtube videos to fix his golf
swing…because you SUCKED today tiger LOL

zerpbrandon says:

The guy on the left is just trying to Kamehameha

noodynoodz says:

Imagine if you hit a drive off the tee and it landed on a tortoise crossing
the fairway then bounced off its shell and rolled up to 10 ft !!

Jack O'Neill says:

both mean the same thing pal

Case Y says:

@letsmakesomemusicnow In all honesty these kind of comments really aren’t
that funny

jordan abott says:

rate my golf swing

thegonz9 says:

Can we get a more shitty camera angle?

Legoego14 says:

Mental note…bring a hat next time!

redralph says:

It’s amazing how he can chip like that during an earthquake.

AlexH09 says:

u mean oct. 2009 not 2010

Der Brunnmichl says:

Scheisse, man sieht nur das Golfbag.

amit verma says:

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Laba Giri says:

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