Tiger Woods, Teenage Golf Phenom, 1994

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Scott Fine says:

Awesome interview!

Carl Smith says:

Interview with Tiger Woods….Now Tiger,what do you think about what people
say about you??? Well,they all can do like they usually do, watch me win
another tournament,and kiss my black ass……….

A Ki says:

No he was getting some pussy back in those days too.

David W says:

I don’t know how old you are, but I grew up right through the 90s. What’s
alarming about this kind of stuff is when you remember getting a sweater
like that and wearing it, or remembering when you went to get your hair cut
and asked to leave a couple of curls on the back like that. I *know* you
remember that if you grew up then, too 🙂

Wil L says:

Tiger had the same dickhead/elitist persona at age 18 as he does now

fishinghenry says:

definitely has worked hard “on and off the golf course”… Especially on
his horizontal jogging.


Yeah well, that dickhead/elitist as you call him, had the killer instinct
to win a shitload of championships, including 14 majors, and a boat load of
money…geez man get a fricking life…LOL!!!

66ott7 says:

Tiger the virgin.

Constantine P says:

I heard the sweater budget on this show was 200 grand. — Quagmire

VoidOfEnigmas says:

look at the date of the interview.

Leo Tong says:

I love it back then when Tiger said more of what he thought rather than
sugar coating it these days.

mikepownzall says:

@stevepising Way later when the money and everyone telling him he was god
got to him. Basically 2001 on.

jeffery18nascar says:

you think tiger blinks enough?

ben del bianco says:

28 years is too long to be at high school….period.

ronnclaudia says:

Tiger. You should have stopped at the 18th hole.

middleclasscribs says:

your an idiot

TheLFCzone says:

what is kevin costner presenting for ffs

B.A. Chan says:

Monarch programming?? Hmm…

ZombieDave2 says:

He sounds like he probably expected to though!

Matthew Reinoldson McIlroy says:

Those were a lot of bonuses Tiger !

ShadyNJ says:

haha! bro I had a rat tail when I was kindergarten. The biggest 90’s
fashion fail of all time.

bcmoykg says:

its is amazing to see that before he was this million dollar athlete on top
of the golfing world…he was a kid too. im 17 and i love golf like a
madman and its interesting to see him at my age and what he was like….he
was doing quite a bit more than what im doing now though haha

jbizzle231 says:

@aod123100 Worked out for him pretty well

Anthony Mcintyre says:

So that is the young man that became the greatest talent golf has ever

TheLFCzone says:

i bet tigers favorite movie was waterworld

David W says:

Holy f__ – look at the sweater that host is wearing, and the saved by the
bell haircut. Nasty.

ProjectDystopia says:

He does have a gift, that’s why you know about him……so any thing else
is MOOT…

stevepising says:

Was he banging hookers and porn stars at this point or did that happen

gatorcc70 says:

He is a douche

Jeffrey Cunningham says:

@Anthonymacca87, I think that title still belongs to Nicklaus.

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