Tilt your Shoulders like a Pro!

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ironside eve says:

If u do the work for him, he won't learn it well.

adri vreeke says:

10 o’clock backswing is enough

ben says:

The most common flaw in a mid handicapper from what I've seen.
I suffer from this inside move as well.

MOTO VR says:

those hands are kinda high in the back swing but okay…. whatever works for him


Is that tilting??

Alexander27 1987 says:

Right knee looks.locked at top of swing there probs seen it but wouldn't want lad getting injured

Rick Baker says:

One of the best investments I've ever made it's getting golf lessons from a local pro I went from a 17 handicap all the way down to a seven money well spent thanks for posting this video

MR Common sense says:

How bout I just hit the ball chubbs!!


Solid instruction!

Christopher Drost says:

Keep his right leg bent and athletic! What kind of instructor are you!?

P. Mac Dermott says:

Why is it so hard to strike a golf ball?

tspark1071 says:

He has a tendency of making a flat backswing. Needs to be more upright

ヨカワマサキの空手ちゃんねる says:

keep your chin.when you gets back swing.

T12π¥ says:

Awesome 👍

Dietz 18 says:

Golf is funny we all learn from someone who is crappy at golf and then we end up crappy at golf . YouTube is a game changer though

Mark Smith says:

Is that tiger hes trying to teach?

John dennis says:

Just grip it and rip it

Turanga Tohiariki says:

Cock your wrist shoulder turn & weight transfer 🤯

Corey says:

Oh snap! That’s my exact backswing fault too

Christopher Juntura says:

Lol good luck being consistent

DD says:

If you could not touch me that would be greeeeat🙄

bigmike9867 says:

Spent the winter working on this with my local pro and took 5 strokes off this will help a ton!

Alexander Macleod says:

Perfect backswing once put in the right position

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