Titleist SM7 vs SM8 Wedges

Comparing the new SM8 wedges from Titleist to the previous generation SM7. Find out what performance differences there are between these two wedges when tested at the same loft, bounce and grind!

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Filmed at: Tour Experience Golf
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada

29 thoughts on “Titleist SM7 vs SM8 Wedges

  1. IMPORTANT CORRECTION The SM8 was the higher spinning wedge on the partial shot (10,719). Our launch monitor software has an error where the spin number is blanked out over 9,999rpm, so we have to manually enter numbers in video editing. We made a typo and reversed the partial wedge spin numbers by accident.

  2. Looking at refreshing the grooves on my gamer wedges. Notice the SM8s removed the 54.08M option which is a bummer for me. I see they added a 54.12D but which is close but with more bounce (obvi). Any insight on why they removed a grind in the 54 range? I hear more and more about folks using 54s especially now with lofts getting stronger. Would make sense to keep more grinds in this space, no? I may stick with another 54.08M SM7 (if I can find one) and go with SM8s in all others?

    And PLEASE do a 2019 v 2020 bag comparison. That would be a ton of fun. Bonus would be for even earlier best of bag comparisons (eg 2015 v 2020). Love the content fellas, keep it up! Also, any reason you all don't upload 4k to youtube? When I watch on my TV I can hear it crying 😉

  3. Regarding the shafts, what’s the difference between the std wedge shaft and the AMT R300 Black? One fitter used the std wedge shaft for the tests saying they will spin more, while the other fitter just gave me the black shaft to test.

  4. Did I miss Matty describing feel and preference? I know Vokey talks about feel but I was hoping Matt would elaborate on that aspect as the numbers may be self explanatory.. the feel maybe not so much . I took 1 swing with a 60 SM8 and flushed it and it was kind of a wow moment. It felt better just off the one swing then my SM7 Raw

  5. Ian, I know this is an older video but it popped my interest again. With not much difference between the 7's and 8's, could you do a quick compare with 5's or 6's against the SM8s?

  6. Hi guys i really like the videos! As for wedges is it possible to add a moisture element to the tests how it might compare. I feel if a wedge can perform and retain close to its performance as possible in wet conditions that is a huge plus! Keep up the great work!

  7. I want to know if vokey changed anything on the face of the sm8 to help keep spin up during wet conditions. Everything you talk about has been all about the cg placement and that's it.?

  8. More good work lads… SM8 mass change clearly impacting results. It’s all in the detail….. love my SM7’s still. I never hit a full shot with any of my wedges.

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