Now There's A Surprise!! Titleist T300 Iron VS 718 AP1 Iron

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I test and compare the new Titleist T300 Iron against the older model 718 AP1 Iron to see if the new technology out performs the 2018 model.

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19bobbycruz79 says:

I play Taylormade Speedblades because I didn’t know any better when I bought them. I’m looking for irons that have a similar feel but with some forgiveness, what would you recommend? My handicap is a 15.2

JOHNNY24K says:

T300 not even close

Gogeta says:

Better looking? The T300 is ugly.

Steven Klinkhamer says:

Ugly or not T300 looks like it performs significantly better- and in the final analysis- thats what really counts.

Simon Wall says:

You have tested the 7 iron with the button on the back, do the shorter irons sound and feel the same? Are they as consistent and forgiving?

Ian Murphy says:

Had ap1s for bout 6 years . Decided to get fitted for the T300s honestly brilliant clubs I would recommend them

sherifffdb905 says:

Are you going to test the T400 irons?

Nordan Viken says:

The new one is superuggly!!!

charlie arnold says:

Great video, very interesting to watch and listen to.

John Fiorvento says:

After watching this, I will be sticking with my AP1’s. Thanks for the review and saving me $1,000

Nigel Bradlaw says:

I'm looking to replace some very old Wilson Deep Red irons that I have with a set of game Improvement irons. It's a minefield with choice (manufacturer / angles etc.) but the T300 do appeal to me. Maybe not worth the upgrade from the AP1's but would you say a good choice for my situation (17 H'cap)

mark94555 says:

There has to be a better way to design that club…I dont care how much forgiveness or distance gain it gives me theres no way I'm putting that in my bag

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