Titleist T-Series Irons Provide Increased Distance and Speed for Every Golfer

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Titleist Golf has an iron for everyone. Titleist's Corey Gerrard breaks down the differences between each of the T-Series Irons. As the series number increases, so does the clubhead size, technology inside, ball flight performance and forgiveness. The Titleist T100 iron is a player's precision iron that helps golfers dial in their distances to hit exact numbers. The Titleist T200 iron is a player's distance iron that compacts shape with a higher ball flight, allowing for more distance. The Titleist T300 iron is a player's improvement iron with a large clubhead that provides multiple points of forgiveness while maintaining the great technology in every other Titleist T-Series iron; these golfers will also find higher ball speeds for a higher launch and more carry. The Titleist T400 iron is for the golfer with moderate swing speed who needs some extra help increasing distance with assisted speed and launch gains.

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