Titleist T-Series Irons: Which T-Series iron is right for you? The T100, T200 or T300

Which Titleist T-Series iron is right for you? Rick Hatfield, head pro at Flint Hills National Golf Club and TGW.com's resident product expert, helps you determine which new Titleist T-Series irons is right for you. The T100 is a classic Player's Iron, T200 is Player's Distance Iron, and T300 Player's Improvement Iron.

Learn more about the new Titleist T100, T200 and T300 irons: http://bit.ly/2OSjfyq

10 thoughts on “Titleist T-Series Irons: Which T-Series iron is right for you? The T100, T200 or T300

  1. Appreciate the review – the production is fantastic and the review was very thorough and helpful. Much appreciated for your efforts

  2. Excellent review. Very informative & straightforward presenting just the information on these clubs that's relevant. Best video I've watched so far I'd say on this topic. Great job.

  3. Is the metal on the sole where you see number scratch up easy as mine do after 1 round? Can you help Shane bromsgrove 07727288487 to tex me back why????

  4. I would love to purchase a see of T200 or 300 from TGW I know all my numbers I use a swing caddie just wondering what's your thought of getting fitted over the computer/ phone with TGW ??? Iam a bogey golfer 18 handicap moving down fast I was a 32 beginning of last year!! I'd love for this to be a set that I could use for many years ty again TGW is an awesome company!!!!

  5. Have to admit the distance numbers seem odd. If you just stop the video and compare the charts it would have you believe that in the AP series the players club distances go DOWN as you move up through the distance impovement. AP2 (Players Iron most used on the tour) distance = 152 then down from there. AP3 (so called players distance) = 150 then amazingly the AP1 is 147 yrds even with stronger lofts? Did you change the handicap of the tester between irons or swing speed of the tester. Doubt this was done using a robot.

    What this implies is that across the family of the AP irons there change in distance ( even despite the stronger lofts and technology ). What I take away is GO TO YOUR DEALER and hit these clubs yourself AP2 vs T100 AP3 vs T200 and AP1 vs T300 if you want to see a fair comparison. That's what I plan to do. I played the original AP2s (710 and 714) I to see a real improvement with the T100 in distance from my current AP2s. However I would expect to see significantly MORE distance from the T200 or, as stated by Troy above, what's the point? Dispersion in fact was also most improved in the T100.

    I will say in fairness to TGW this was a very efficiently done review without company branding hype. Let us know how the actually swing speed was controlled ? Numbers seem odd…

  6. I noticed you hit the ap2 farther than either ap1 or ap3 … and had better dispersion as well. You also hit the T100 farthest… and best dispersion. So T100 goes farther and is most consistently accurate … and has best forged feel and sound. So why go with either T200 or T300 ? ☺

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