New Titleist T100 v T200 v T300 Iron Comparison

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I review the new 2019 Titleist T Series of Irons T100 T200 & T300 irons.

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24 thoughts on “New Titleist T100 v T200 v T300 Iron Comparison

  1. Hi Michael, I note you never discuss the price of the clubs you review. Okay I accept price can vary from different suppliers, but surely making comparisons between clubs should also include the price?

  2. Great testing, as ever Michael. I think the T 200 is much better than AP3, especially in feel. A head to head between T200 v PXG 0211 would be very interesting.

  3. No doubt that these are amazing clubs but I’ve gotta say the look of them compared to what has been released recently is very poor. Don’t really look appealing at all

  4. I have a USGA handicap of 9.2. Using Titliest T2 driver with 11.5 degrees. I hit the ball 250-260 yards. Club speed about 100 mph. I am 67 years old. Which iron set would be best for my game?

  5. Funny, A few years ago Cobra marketed irons with a giant lump of metal sticking out of the underside of the hosel claiming it helped golfers close the face by acting as a counterbalance. now we have to apologize for its presence and assure people it wont be on the production irons. Cobra sold a ton of those irons:)

  6. I would be Interested in trying the T200, but once again I don't think I can get past the looks. I didn't like the look of the AP3, this is slightly better. Probably going to stick with mizuno.

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