Titleist T200 On Course Performance – Are They Worth It? | Mr. Short Game

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Free Practice Plan Here ▶ https://bit.ly/2RPcVWt How do the new Titleist t series irons hold up on course. I just received my new T200 iron set and I took them to the course to see exactly how they perform the first time on an actually golf course. Be sure to subscribe to the channel and check the links below for special deals and discounts. #titleist #TSeries #Newirons #golfreviews #productreviews

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My Gear List
Mizuno JPX 919 Forged Irons – 4-GW
Titleist TS3 – Driver 9.5
Titleist TS3 – 3 Metal 15 Degree
818 H1 – Hybrid 19 Degree
Odyssey EXO Stroke Lab Seven 2 – Putter

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Seven Oranges says:

LOL. Are you keeping the set or is it available (as a used set)? 🙂

Geoff Lee says:

Just got the LE black T200s… Love them

Matty says:

Man you get a lot of back spin… how???

Joseph Durkin says:

Love the music in the beginning, made me feel like I'm in the 80's driving a speedboat on the coast off miami fighting drug dealers!

Justin Henderson says:

Thanks! I'm Sold!

J C says:

What put you off the t100's? Currently playing the ap2's and thinking about doing a t200/100 combo set

J P 2 says:

Just ordered t300 can't wait longest 3 days of my life LOL

Maddog8148 says:

What’s shafts did you get?

Eddy Deuschle says:

Damn… you are a hell of a golfer! Well done!

Will Giglio says:

getting mine for christmas

N M says:

Always enjoy your videos and also kudos for using 'farther' in reference to distance. I love my T200's, if I could only mimic your smooth and easy swing. Keep up the great content.

Jerry Billings says:

What handicap would u say these are for?

SqueezeMyShorts says:

Awesome video man!

James Kent says:

With a name like Mr. Shortgame I expect you to hole those chip shots.? Thanks.

Steve Adams says:

Great sound …waiting for mine to come this week …

Cee Bee says:

I’m sold. Where do I buy them. Noticed that the specs on these clubs are 2-3* stronger lofts vs other brands.
Your thoughts if you tested T100?

David Tasker says:

Hi, Great video. Are you still gaming these please? Keen to learn how things are going and your thoughts. Just waiting on my set to be built

Paul Winterhalter says:

love your swing! nice and smooth. These camera angles are awesome too man so well done! I am strongly considering these irons, stuck between these and TaylorMade P790

Kevin Murphy says:

I'll keep sayin it ,,, your the man brother ,, no one better at the truth !!! Ty again

Steven Papoulis says:

How did the wedge gapping workout for you ? I’m not used to a 43 pw. Coming from a 46-50-54-58 setup .

ChrisA_No9 says:

*43 degree 9 iron with a P written on it

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