TITLEIST T300 IRONS reviewed and tested by Mark Crossfield golf professional. The new Titleist T300 irons with Max Impact tech are the game improvement irons from Titleist golf. What could the T300 irons do for your golf swing and golf game. Mark Crossfield has been reviewing golf clubs for years and in this golf review Mark touches on an interesting idea when it comes to stronger lofted golf clubs that many are simply not thinking about when it comes to buying their next set of clubs.

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25 thoughts on “TITLEIST T300 IRONS

  1. I was playing DCI 762s before I bought this 2 weeks ago. So the T300 4 iron has 3 iron loft (and shorter club length), ok fine. However, shaft is lighter than the DCI 3 Iron, I don't have to muscle a DG s300 shaft to get the same distance and launch on the T300 4iron. These TT AMT Red Steel in stiff flex are quite nice. As far as the sound, T300 4iron sounds "clicky" loud versus DCI (but who cares about that if I can get it up in the air easy). Good stuff though.

  2. You really have an issue with spin. Mark, it is you. You have a wonky swing. I tried those t300s. Forget the loft, they hit the ball high. Very high. You , on the other hand, have an odd swing flaw that makes you de loft everything.

  3. What in the world are you saying? I think you talk yourself into low balls. Not same angle attack with 5 as 9. Well no, but if you try to sweep your 5, you are going to go even lower. Why would you ever change the delivery ???? Wow what a mess. 13 different swings ey? And how do you speak about loft without considering where the weight is. In a butter knife blade, ok loft is an apples to apples. In todays clubs, loft , in isolation, means NOTHING so stop obsessing on it. Look at these modern clubs – it says 6. It goes 5 iron length. It has 5 iron spin, but higher than your 5. And all with a short shaft. So it is better than your 5 iron.

  4. I am curious if there is a big yardage gap between 7 iron and 8 iron since the 8 iron does not have the cavity alien aircraft looking thingy. I am thinking about purchasing these but also don't want a huge gap between 7 and 8 iron. I was hitting the 7 at a fitting with this model 175 yards where my current 8 is only about 150.

  5. "Our new game changing technology allows you to hit your 6 iron the distance of a 4 iron. It's loft is 23*. This is a huge accomplishment and couldn't be done without this game changing technology." -All big brands, probably

  6. When you play T300 it gives you that confidence that the burger van will be on the 11th and that he will have onions ready, you have to be from another planet to not know we're gonna snap those burgers up like a little shark. Its tough being a TITLEIST consultant, but at the end of the day Titleist customers will buy anything if you include the word technology. Will the T300 improve your game, sure if you have the build for golf. Coke Mark, Ice n slice Chap. Good boy.

  7. I went to a Titleist fitting centre last week to test the T300 and I know it was indoors, on a track man, no wind etc but the 7 iron was carrying 170yds and running out to 182 yards. The 5 iron was running out to 208 yards. Unbelievable launch angle too. Ordered them yesterday !!

  8. Titleist have done themselves a bad turn with these new irons , they’ve always been players clubs , aps still looked good and used a lot on tour, now they’re trying to compete with TaylorMade / Callaway and just missed target , nothing game improvement looks nice to me , not even those Callaway s you and Dan were wacking 7 irons 200 yards with, blades just look beautiful , you get back what you put in with them , instead of trying to cover up bad strikes and swing faults just use blades and you will soon learn to find the middle . I am old school those older players who learnt to hit with blades are decent ball strikers , the swing has changed that much over the years it’s mind boggling , learn a swing plane that suites your body that you can repeat consistently and you will enjoy golf , plenty of tour pros with funky swings . Iron cranking lofts for distance are way out of control , all you want is to pick up any given club and hit it the same distance every time within a couple of yards front to back , dispersion is just practice .

  9. Silly question, can you punch shot these kinds of hi-tech stronger lofted clubs? I'm guessing it will punch to some extent, but does the tech designed to put it into the air cause problems with punch shots / stingers?

  10. I found the Mizuno JPX Hot Metal Pro’s to be high spinning. Can’t remember the exact numbers, but I spun the HM Pro 4i around 4400 rpm with Prov’s. My regular 4i (MP53) spins right about the same.

  11. Mark, awesome video, love the blending idea. Curious about iron length when you have two "6" irons as you do. I get the loft and distance works but am curious if both clubs are the same length or is the T300 "6" five iron length?

  12. Great point about changing swings with lower lofted clubs. My swing gets very strange with a 5 iron, although, my Hot Metal Pro 5 iron isn’t bad. Still, Mark has me thinking about switching it out for a 25’ hybrid.

  13. R7 TP iroms had a cone on the back. Are new Irons really an improvement every year. It's about the lofts not the numbers. Suppose the manufacturers have to keep making money. Keep up the decent reviews….

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