Titleist 620 series and T-Series irons

Titleist have launched their 620 Series and T-Series irons. So what's new? Equipment editor Hannah Holden has tested all of them…

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14 thoughts on “Titleist 620 series and T-Series irons

  1. In testing a whole range of clubs earlier this year – hitting 50 plus more balls each and across many brands and models and with different shafts too- I ended up going with the p760 which I love (less offset, great looks and feel and reliability/consistency). Did like the ap2 as well but did not go that way at the time. The apex cf19 was also an option but ruled it out for a number of reasons. Not time to change (and am very happy with the p760s especially compared to my previous srixons and pings) but from the sound of it the t100/200 seem to be the good ones.

  2. I wouldn't buy any of them as have a full fitted set of AP3s HOWEVER the T200 & T300 are just crazy strong lofted, such low lofts on irons don't give extra distance to recreational golfers they just make them unusable!

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