Titleist TS Driver Comparison – Titleist Thursday Fitting

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This week we're at a Titleist Thursday fitting event to do a side-by-side comparison of the Titleist TS1, TS2, TS3, and TS4 drivers. We'll show you the differences between all of the Titleist TS drivers and give you an idea of which drivers work best for each type of golfer.

Here's some of what we found while filming this video:

Titleist TS1 Driver:
Great for slower swing speed golfers who need to generate more spin and more height to hit the ball futher.

Titleist TS2 Driver:
Great for all golfers who want maximum forgiveness with exceptional power and forgiveness across the face.

Titleist TS3 Driver:
Great for all golfers who want outstanding distance and maximum adjustability with the Titleist Shurfit weighting system.

Titleist TS4 Driver:
Dubbed “the spin killer” the TS4 driver is perfect for golfers who need to lower their spin and bring down their ball flight.


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Golficity says:

Hey guys! You can check out more info about Titleist Thursday events here: https://www.titleist.com/fitting/golf-club-fitting/thursdays

Jeffrey James says:

While getting fitted for clubs is very important to maximize your potential; especially if your equipment is 5+ years old. If your equipment is younger than 5 years, I would advise someone to take lessons first and get rid of the over the top/cut across the ball that so many amateurs have issues with. Also, adding weight to the heel to close the club face quicker won’t matter without the right swing path.

Todd L says:

I have been looking for a video to explain the difference in the TS line in a way that makes sense. This is it! Was great to see a guy with a similar swing to mine find the right model.

Johnny Pon says:

4k spin in your gamer!!!!!????? Who the hell originally fit u?!!!!!!!

Paul Sullivan says:

Chris B – from UPS to Titleist rep

Carlos Garrido says:

I've tried looking for a titleist thursday event in Chicago and they don't have any…i'm assuming due to Covid.

Youngsavage s says:

when r u guys getting fit for the new tsi?

Irvin Lee says:

appreciate the video guys for all their different drivers. if mike changes his swing path to more in to out and upward angle of attack he's gonna be hitting past 300!

Hardeep Jadeja says:

I was looking forward to know which of TS 1,2,3 & 4 is most forgiving driver for mid to high handicapper???

Evan C says:

I live in NJ. I guarantee I can not only get Mike to shift his path from out to in and get him in to out but also get him to hit up on it with his driver and be shallow after 3 lessons. Could also get Frank more distance across the bag. Message me if you're interested. Will even do it pro bono.

kaven audet says:

Very confusing And do not still keep the same logic
The t100 is the most players club and the t400 the most forgiving club
But the ts1 is the most forgiving and the ts4 the most players drivers

The Kid says:

TItleist Thursday’s are great. The only thing I didn’t like about them was that I couldn’t try out different shafts for the U500 club. The smoke shaft was okay but would have been nice to try other shafts for it. I also went to a paid fitting at Titleist and couldn’t try other shafts for it either.

Adrian Jackman says:

That is amazing and they didn't even seem to mention loft or the sleeve settings. Wish there was something similar in the UK.

Daniel Zampolin says:

Kevin Sprecker did my fitting aswell

Adam Brett says:

206 carry damn I’m half the weight and age and I’m running 280

Trav Tube Golf says:

Perfect timing on this video. Im about to go get fitted for irons next week and was considering a new driver as well

Donal Mooney says:

Pink Shirt and OTT = a lot to say, WTF just blame it on the shaft, lol

Barry DF says:

I was fit for my TS3 8.5° with Evenflow White 6.5 X-Stiff at a Titleist Thursday last September. It's the first driver I was ever fit for and almost a year later now I can say it's my favorite driver ever. The Titleist Thursday program is outstanding!

Alexander G Russo says:

I played a lot as a kid. Inherited a set of old ass generic irons when I was like 12. Played a bunch up until college then didn't play for years.. finally getting back into it in my late 20s and I'm really pondering a club fitting next summer. Appreciate the tips fellas! Love the content.

Stephen O'Sullivan says:

My old club. Hours and hours on that range ….

Patty Dodero says:

Those shirts are so sick

JTsmooth says:

love the channel

Andrew Wolf says:

what you gonna do when they drop a new driver in a week lol

Clayton Conine says:

Does Sprecher know y'all are cheating on him??

Carson Griffin says:

The website is being weird and wouldn’t let me know if any fittings were near me so do you know if there are any in the Saratoga or Albany area

That Pramzy Guy says:

I haven't been able to find a Titleist Thursday anywhere near me… I really want to check them out as I'm looking for some wedges and irons… Plus would like to know if the shaft in my TS2 is right for me.

G Taylor says:

wicked brandt sneadker vibes from this fitter

G Taylor says:

what is the deal with the virtual open prizes?

Geoff Perez says:

We live like 15 minutes apart do you want to get a round in one day?

Bryce Larson says:

THANK YOUUUU FINALLY SOMEONE SAID SOMETHING ABOUT HOW MUCH MORE EFFICIENT MIKE CAN BE! I’m excited man. Start dropping. From the inside and hitting up on the ball. Mikeeee ur gonna have to move back to the tips! When I changed my path I started carrying it over 300. I’m a little bit quicker but you won’t be far behind

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