Titleist TS3 or Cobra Speedzone driver review with Mark Crossfield golf professional. TS3 driver from Titleist hit up against the new Cobra Speedzone driver to show you what the difference is between these two golf clubs and what might help your golf swing and golf game. The Titleist Ts3 driver features new speed design and comes in 4 different models from TS1, TS2 the TS3 and low low spinning TS4. Cobra golf Speedzone driver comes in two models the Speedzone and the Speedzone Extreme today Mark is comparing the Speedzone in its low spin setting to the Titleist TS3. See what these clubs do for spin, launch and distance with this simple and easy to follow golf video and golf equipment review.

Let us know in the comments below what driver you want to test next and if you have hit either of these two drivers and which one you preferred when testing.

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  1. I was just fitted for a new driver yesterday. Funny I just saw this video- for me, it came down to the Cobra and the Titleist. I hit my best ball with the Titleist but had a tighter dispersion and better spin rates with the Cobra. Both fantastic clubs! With Fujikura Atmos shaft.

  2. my whole bag is Titleist and game the 917 d3 which is my most inconsistent club. Was thinking about going towards the Cobra, but just can't pull the trigger without trying myself

  3. Great video,again I really want the ts3 but looking at titleist site, it's quite difficult to understand how to set up loft and lie. Another video beckons.

  4. You going for that high of a decent angle? The launch is good but that decent angle could be lowered abit to maximize distance outward. good number and performance out of both just curious if it couldnt be better

  5. I currently play a 917 D2 and I much prefer the classic look of Titleist drivers. The Cobra just looks too busy. Saying that, if I was in the market for a new driver the price of the Cobra would make it a serious contender.

  6. I don't think people use roll to "boost their egos". It's because on the course your drives don't stop dead where it lands, unless you had a flood earlier. People want to see how the spin rates affect the ball after landing.

  7. Not sure I agree that Cobra would appeal to ‘non golfers’. They seem very popular with younger players. Also £100 cheaper which is the biggest difference- did you mention this?

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