The Ultimate Players Cavity Back Iron Test | Trackman Testing & Comparison

After recently testing several of the top Players Distance irons on the market today, our subscribers asked that we do the same with some of the top #Players #Cavity Back #irons that are available for golfers to choose from heading into #2020. Ask and you shall receive. Based on your requests, 2nd Swing master fitter Thomas Campbell and staff writer Drew Mahowald recently tested a number of players cavity options against each other using Trackman 4. In this exclusive video, they offer their feedback as it related to look, sound, and feel, while also breaking down all the data. Included in our Ultimate Players Cavity Back #Iron #Test are the #Titleist T100, #PING i210, #Srixon Z 785, #Miura MC-501, #Callaway Apex Pro 19, #TaylorMade P760, #NewLevel 902 Forged, and the Mizuno MP-20 MMC. You can find more information about all of these irons at Additionally, to see more YouTube videos from 2nd Swing and to subscribe to our YouTube channel, visit

15 thoughts on “The Ultimate Players Cavity Back Iron Test | Trackman Testing & Comparison

  1. I went with the Ping i210 because it was also the most accurate club I hit during my fitting. I love the look and feel and hitting more greens is key to lower scores. Excellent review, thanks guys.

  2. Great video guys! I am trying to decide if this players cavity back is the right category for me. I have been fitted now for 3 players distance irons (p790, T200, PXG 0311 P) and find that the added distance is not something that I am really looking for. I do not need my 7-iron to carry 185+. I am coming from the R11 irons, which are cast cavity back, and I am also a much better player since getting those, now a 6 hcp.

  3. Awesome guys ty,,, i myself hit the p770 taylormade standard lofts set came 3iron to pw,, with my handtcap i only carry the 6 thru pw,, 18 HC ,,, couple hybrids in the bag getting old lol ,,anyway p770s a great club not long at all but very good feel!!!! Thank you guys again always on the money ,, beautiful swing Thomas keep it going !!!!

  4. The elipse drawn around the Taylor Made dots is way too big – it extends too far "north" and too far "west". Look at the distance between the balls and the elipse. And this is only the second club I watched being tested (so I am "projeting" that it's not your worst distortion).

  5. Great review. I would pick the mmc or i210 would be interested in your thoughts about the px lz shaft how does that compare to px as your swing speed is close to mine but I play px6.0 but seem the lz plays a little softer.

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