Titleist U500 VS Titleist U510 Utility Irons + Review

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I review the new Titleist U500 & U510 Utility Irons comparing them against each other to see what the differences is in their ball flights and performance.

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Fergus Reeve, Real Estate. says:

Could you do a compare:
Titleist U510 vs TM UDY vs Srixon zx utility.

Thank you!

Fred R says:

I‘m new to golf and therefore a high handicapper (34). I‘m struggling with woods from the tee so I looked for a 3 iron as my longest Rogue iron is a 5. I bought the U510 (20 deg.) without testing it. I immediately loved it, I hit it from small tees to roughly 200 yards and the consistency is amazing, nothing compared to woods, if I do a misshit it lands after 120 yards but it‘s still on the fairway. The only negative thing is the sound.

mariocastillo813 says:

Just bought the U-510. Excited to hit it tomorrow.

Marc says:

What's the swing weight of those 2 irons ? The U510 seems much more heavy. And if the head of the U510 club is heavier, it'll make a big difference to play for average golfers.

VTS - Brent Osachoff says:

There is a 3 degree difference in those two irons, so it would be interesting to see a test with lofts as close as you can. Maybe the U510 with 16 degrees vs the U500 with 17 degrees.

jporter504 Porter says:

How does the U510 differ from a game improvement 3 iron? Mine is 18 degrees and chunky but easy to hit.

Chester says:

The 510 reminds me of my Cobra F9 4-iron (19.5 degree loft VS. 20 in the 510.  Large bodies, easy to hit.  I use it more than my hybrid now.

Tony Feeney says:

Great review Michael. How does these compare against the MP20 HMB please? I’ve watched your video on the 2 iron HMB and believe you’re now gaming it. I’d appreciate your opinion on the comparison between the two on Looks, feel, distance and forgiveness ?

k Nyagumbo says:

The front view with the screw and silver edging looks like a P790 UDI however good club got the old previous version.

Raymond Poublon says:

After testing both on separate days on trackman and at the driving range hitting them from the deck I ordered the U500 2 iron. The u510 for me was a little bit higher launching and gave a lot of distance but what a noise ? I felt embarassed at the driving range because the U510 made more noise than my driver.?….at least that was my feeling…..U500 was better looking, felt more solid, a better sound, and a bit lower flight. The hazardus smoke hybrid shaft was a good fit in stiff (for me) . Both utilities easy to hit but for me the U500 outperformed the U510 (in sound , feel and looks) . A shame that the U500 is in back order so I have to wait a little bit longer…expected delivery end of October .?

Malcolm Evans says:

Excellent review thank you, and ball striking! Just to clarify, if they are both 3 irons, then the 500 will be lofted at 23* and the 510 at 20* which would probably account for the 510s slightly lower ball flight and spin?

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