Tokyo Has The Best Golf Shops | EAL in Japan

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justinban90 says:

Brand of grim reaper shirt anyone?

Dunes Golf says:

Thanks for taking us to all these different places. It's entertaining and makes me want to jump in the next plane…

Hacker golf says:

I went to that store in Shinjuku it is amazing

B Canada says:

They have some innovative brands and product design innovations. Some are too upscale for me

おもしろゴルフ with TK and Jack says:

Double Eagle or Prestige Alpen are better shops but that Victoria shop is good as well.

JCB says:

Japanese culture is so fire holy shit?

Michael Slinger says:

Went to the Victoria store in December one your recommendation.

C.J Armstrong says:

Japan has the best everything tbh

Injured TableTennisPlayer says:

Great vid. Just subscribed today. Only one problem in Japan. I heard left hander need not apply?

Chris Canzanese says:

That Cameron staff bag is probably like 7500 bucks.

balkans zeroone says:

Golf partner in japan is a chain store that sells both used and new clubs ( sets as well). Always drivers and cheap irons to pick up. Also head to okachimachi / Nippori as there’s around 10 stores in that area. I picked up a new set of Callaways for 1/2 price as it was last seasons model.

AV Anth says:

descente blanc in daikanyama. nice final shop. love that place.

Patrick Anderson says:

I want to say I love Japan, and waiting to go back since covid screwed up my plans this year. That said, I got back into golf because of it, and now I want to check this place out! Also I would like to try a course or two there next time.

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