Tom Lehman's caddy asks for trust, Lehman delivers on No. 16

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Joe Schmo says:

"I don't know if he would still be working for me"…why, did he hurt your feelings, he's paid to explain the shots to you, he wants to get paid as well. Listen to the person that their sole job is to break down each hole for you.

Mother Goose says:

YouTube: wanna see a 3 year old golf video

Me: sure!

King_James says:

Happy gilmore accomplished that feat from the tea box no more than an hour ago.

Mike hunt Hurts says:

That caddie knows that dudes swing better than he does.

The Holy Diver says:

The announcer is an ignorant little bastard isnt he?

Meretrix06 says:

He pushed the caddy pretty hard after the play, didn't look 100% playful.

Gryff Longprong says:

Yeah bend over and take it from your boss always.Be subservient and grovel for the scraps you might be lucky to lick off the floor.

Hugo Aguilar says:

Who else is a caddy? I’m a caddie at willow ridge county club and at trump golf links ferry point

Gotem gaming says:

I don’t even play or watch golf…. thanks YouTube recommendations

blackstorm5000 says:

Golf ain’t a sport

Gary Reilly says:

A gutsy call by the caddie. It would have been all on him if it went wrong, even if Lehman didn't execute his advice properly.

DivineHeresy says:

The most violent golf game in history

Natalia A. C. says:

Just a question – why can’t golfers carry their own clubs

justice stewart says:

Glad to see we’re all on the same page about the cynical announcer ❤️
I bet that’s where the ?s are coming from

RD S says:

Tom Lehman designed a GREAT course called Troy Burne. LOVE it.

Adam Haynes says:

Get this gay shit out of my recommended.

casualguy393 says:

Some guys take on course advice well, and some don't. I won't follow it concerning my golf swing on the course, or calculating club selection, because I can already do those well. But things on the greens, I will because that is my weak area. 181y Slight uphill lie, slight headwind, I think those would knock off about 10 yards. So, I would have hit my 190y club (4i) there. Of course I probably would have wound up in the bunker, but if on the off chance I would have hit it straight then I would have been sitting pretty.

Then I would have 3 putted.

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