Top 10: GREATEST EVER Golf Swings | Golfing World

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Andre Botha says:

where is the big easy???????????????????

chax2004 says:


Mr Sir says:

imo adam scott has the most beautiful swing of all time. its perfect

Marlon Black says:

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Luca Misra says:

seve and tiger for me, but Faldo ??????????? he really wasn't that long.

Henry Lancaster says:

Adam Scott has the most beautiful swing ever for sure!

Ben Marley says:

This thing is still up!?

Ben Marley says:

To Quote one of the all time Masters…

Seriously..? TOP TEN SWINGS is a video of some guy’s face from 12 different angles ((and yes – many “ECUs” (Extreme Close Up)) TELLING us what HE THINKS are the top ten swings of all time along with a few SNIPPETS of mostly “PARTS” of some of the greatest player’s swings in history tossed in???

I’m sorry – I really shouldn’t be so harsh. I mean to this guys credit it CAN get a little boring watching ENTIRE golf swings what with the extraordinary amount of time it takes these guys to complete about 150 different muscle twitches. I mean Who wants to watch That Right?

You know – at least I personally – have seen soooo many guys make soooo many swings that truth be told I’ve spent the last roughly 20 years searching for my Holy Grail If you will:
A golf swing video not so ungodly obsessed with showing EVERY DETAIL of the golf swing that Im ready to puke my guts out by the second example! I mean I’m like GOOD LORD! Enough with the SWING! I wanna know what YOU THINK OF THE SWING! And no no no – PLEASE GOD stop letting these guys cut AWAY from their faces and go back to the swing. I can see SWINGS anywhere! What I want is the time to thoroughly watch these guy’s expressions AS they speak. Through their eyes I want to be able to crawl into their brain to see which synapses are firing and which are taking a momentary rest! Otherwise HOW am I supposed to actually gather any information I might find can help me with my swing if the instant your thoughts begin to get interesting you CUT AWAY back to a SWING!?

My Lord… I don’t know about you all but give me a tight shot of every single hair in a guy’s nose ANY TIME! Golf Swings..? You can find those ANYWHERE! What is Wrong with people ???

ChristianSonnenberg says:

Why make a top 10 if it’s chronological

Anshuman Sinha says:

I wish the swings got 900000% more air time than this dude's face.

Andy K says:

Fred Couples???

Nacho Salazar says:

" I hope it doesn't stay there forever"

mwats says:

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Boone Docker says:

Annika Sorenstam has the best swing I ever saw.

Brock Gaines says:

He must’ve never seen Rory hit a play….

Prosperity Always says:

Close ups are too intense.

Reed Peterson says:

More golf swings. Less face and talking

Marty Peck says:

more like show more golf and way less face

james woods says:

Where is Fred Couples, Lee Trevino, Mickey Wright, Peter Thompson, Ernie Els, Steve Elkington, Payne Stewart, Grant Waite, Greg Norman, Retif Goosen,

Edward says:

I'm sorry but the swings of these old players are over rated. This list is stupid.

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