TOP 5 Forgiving Irons UNDER £100 for Mid to High Handicappers in 2022…

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Here is the top 5 most forgiving irons for £100 in 2022 and how you can build your bag on a budget with these models.

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Colton Schneider says:

Titleist AP2 710/712 are the best actual BUDGET club

john wood says:

l have got a set of ping g shovels, they are awesome.

andrew adan says:

Well , just got a set of Wilson Ci11 for £90 off eBay 😊

Alex Sweeting says:

What about TaylorMade Burners?

Stephen Lane says:

Mizuno mx100. Can be bought for less than £100 and feel great.

Andrew Brent says:

Lynx VT fucking rules. Took four-5 strokes off my game. Less accurate, incredibly forgiving.

Barry Muller says:

As I’ve aged, 68, I wanted a performer and as a pensioner, I wanted to spend less. I spent $225 dollars on some Adams Idea Tech iron set with 3 hybrid hybrids and 5 hybrid irons with some nice fubuki shafts. They are great.

John Major says:

I would assume most of these are just going to be side grades for my Titleist DCI 981s?

Cocorumba says:

Man I played with PING g5s for so long. What a throwback seeing those. Great video as always 🙂

Howie Williams says:

Lynx named their 'Boom boom' irons as Fred Couples played Lynx clubs and his nickname was Boom Boom!

Peter Haywood says:

Great informative watch

chubeviewer says:

Md golf do a lot of forged forgiving irons too fond them for cheap on ebay

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