19 thoughts on “The real reason why you buy blades

  1. Personally I love blades , but it's hard to not go with player helping irons. My swing speed is 90, my blades travel about 10-15 yards shorter than my cavity backs.

  2. Go to the range 3-4 times a week. You'll hit your blades pure as hell, in around a month or 2. That's what I did years ago when I switched. I get a junior bucket (300 balls), 16 bucks, 1 or 2 of those a day, and you'll be good.

  3. Blades really aren’t hard to hit, there’s such a tiny differed between blades and cavity backs, the big difference is in flight characteristics. I like blades better, they flight nicer, feel better, my ball striking it tighter, spin more, easier to work and just fit my eye much better which in return gives me more confidence. %95 of the last 25 years I’ve played blades and only when I tried a set of bigger headed irons(AP2’s) did my distance control go to ? as well as ball striking. Everything was the same as far as shafts, length, lies, loft, grips, ect. Except dialing in distances seemed more difficult to not launch the ball to far on 3/4 shots, the ball had less spin and higher initial launch which I don’t like as a high ball hitter, they were harder to flight and shape seeing as they just wanted to fly straight and high making it hard to get to tucked pins and hit certain shot shapes when necessary. It’s more preference of what suits peoples eyes down at the ball and desired flight patterns for most decent players with decent swing speeds. These MB’s look pretty nice, I’d give them a try even though my last 7 or so sets have basically all been a version of titleist MB’s which I love and know very well.

  4. I’ve only been golfing about 4 years. My very first set of clubs was Ping i210 blades. I love them, I’ve tried cavity backs from other golfers and I can’t hit them to save my life

  5. It would be nice if you set them down so we can look at them face on. But not knowing what they look like and nobody having them to hit. It would be nice if you could do that. Because if I like the look of them I would probably purchase them without even hitting them

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