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Can Lauren turn this #Topgolf first-timer's struggling swing into a winning one with a quick golf lesson?

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Topgolf: Swing Fix | Topgolf


Joel Sanchez says:

That “this girl” part made me cringe hard af but good job to them. They really improved that dudes swing

Kyler Jennings says:

this guy this guy this guy uh this girl this girl this girl

Kyler Jennings says:

“woah woah woah woah beef boot be bwo” man STFU

jaime garcia says:

I know he didn’t just side hug that baddie

BoLi says:

i now have a new life goal to ruin that mans marriage

BoLi says:

id actually fire this guy just for this video

BoLi says:

that guy makes me never want to support top golf again

yeeetskeeet_ says:

I think you made him almost cry

Team Yancy says:

Please send Lauren to #TopGolfPDX when it opens ☆

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