Nike Vapor SPEED Driver Tested by 13 Handicapped Golfer

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Nike Vapor SPEED Driver Tested by 13 Handicapped Golfer
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Rick Shiels PGA says:

Nike Vapor SPEED Driver Tested by 13 Handicapped Golfer

Start of a new series of 13 Hcp driver testing! 

Davide Ciccoritti says:

Rob’s shot shape is starting to look a lot like Rick’s :-)

Ryan Delannoy says:

Rick, nice plug and save about getting in trouble if you bad mouth Nike.

Rob Roberts says:

Great stuff, Rob. Always look forward to your take!

Kenny Herbert says:

Great hitting Rob

Colin Hogg says:

I thought the stock shaft is a Diamana S+, not the one mentioned on the vid
(fubuki?), certainly is on my Pro version. Wonder if that makes any
difference to launch angles/spin rates?

Michael Rolton says:

Cracking review yet again Rob. I love your ad-hoc comments too. However,
golfer girl Jasmine is more aesthetically pleasing and easier on the eye.
So, you may bee good but you are not that good.

Nicolai Berg says:

Rob made me do it! Buying the driver that is. Great video as always

MardyBum100291 says:

The Pro head will kill Rob, but excited for the other tests!

Les Blair says:

Why the hatered towards Nike? Volt IS a color. Auto companies do it all the
time. They take a color and put a “new” spin on it and call it something
different. Nike does NOT say they will get you 20 more yards like most
claim they simply say, “it’s better than last years.” And yes, it is better
than last years! They are NOT a gimmick company! Sorry, love the videos,
just had to stand up for my brand. Cheers. 

23pbkallday says:

And what is with this clowns beard 

kroyalusa says:

Rob, enjoy your swings with these. They are more like mine. I have Aero,
now, after watching your swings with that. This is a puzzle. The consistent
flight you were getting was amazing. What are you thinking? ;>) Enjoy your
swings in comparison to Rick’s but more in comparison to mine.

LeoGolf says:

When the course vlogs from dubai will come?

stuart silverlock says:

Nike coming on leaps and bounds in Driver technology. Not sure on Irons.
Speed and Pro are great drivers with great feedback from the head! Great
launch and Spin no’s. Always enjoy Dobby’s reviews. Nice to get a
midhandicappers point of view…

Michael Shasha says:

Good hitting Rob, Rick what mats do you hit off? They look like the country
club real feel ones. 

Ben Hoganblades says:

More reviews from Rob. Please. They’re great! Only thing that concerns
me is that Rick appears to be 2 feet taller than Rob when they stand side
by side. I’m still trying to decide whether Rick is actually 6″11″ and
moonlights on the European Professional Basketball League, thereby making
Rob look shorter……..OR…..Rob is unfortunately, like me, able to look
eye-to-eye Ian Woosnam eye to eye. Just kidding. Keep up the great work

Ant D says:

Same as Rob about Nike…Used to think if the put the woosh on a broom and
said Tiger used it people would buy it.

Rick, can you comment on the stats as it looked like the spin rate
increased with each shot Rob took! Perhaps a few more shots would have been
more representative?

Now on the look out for a ‘Volt’ coloured broom…..

J Rob says:

When will you be doing the long drive compaction with Callaway XR VS the
rest you have done?….. Really looking forward to seeing that.

Ross John Flaherty says:

As someone who works in a golf shop its refreshing to see you guys saying
that the Nike is a good club. We have tested it and found it to be an
excellent club and get very good numbers from it.
I have had many customers refuse to try it due to “another youtube
reviewer” saying its not very good!! Which is shocking!!! Different clubs
suit different golfers. 

23pbkallday says:

This dude must me paying rick lessons for sex 

Hacker2024 says:

Not another Rob video, sorry great guy but it’s all getting extremely
boring now

Frank Mines Jr. says:

Good stuff rob, love the way rick says fubuki

fermentednugget nugget says:

in a 50g .350 tip shaft – stiff would be correct for robs SS
start getting heavier and he might need a reg

My Golf Journey says:

I think this series would be even better if you also had like a 3
handicapper, rob and someone in the mid 20s so a low, mid and high handicap
to give us all a perspective on the club

Caltac03 says:

And this is why I bought this driver , because of Ricks 1st review .
They most forgiving club I’ve ever hit .
DIAMANA blue board shaft upgrade for sure.
@Rick sheils the stock stiff Fubuki shaft is 58 grams
Regular 56 grams
The 50ct on the shaft is part of the model # .
Great Review as always.

davemucky says:

Great review rob , this is in my bag must agree it is easy to hit 

a GamePlaya says:

If you like that, wait till you try the Cobra Fly Z

Payton Miller says:

This nike driver is so confusing. Most people get good numbers but some
people sometimes get super low ball speed compared to their average.

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