Toddler swing analysis at the Houston Open

At the 2013 Houston Open, a two-year old fan is spotted having a game of his own to the side of the fairway at the Golf Club of Houston. Instructor Travis Fulton breaks down his swing, step-by-step.


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29 thoughts on “Toddler swing analysis at the Houston Open

  1. Sometimes I just click on the video to get youtube to stop showing it to me for months and months.
    Clearly ignoring it won't work, so I clicked it youtube. Are you happy now?

  2. I've been playing golf for 30 years, and when I saw how much better his swing and form was than mine, I hung up my clubs for good

  3. A few years back, i went to TopGolf for the heck of it, since I've never played golf before and paid for an hour. Golf is supposed to be easy, just hit the ball in front of you with the club. Yet, I was only able to hit the ball with about 15% of the swings, and on 90% of those hits, the ball just went a few feet away. Only twice did the ball went far, and I barely even make it to the closest hole.

    This 3yo just shamed me.

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